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Gen Y: What do They Expect in a Workplace?

Gone are the days when employees come to work just for their pay cheque. All employees (especially Gen Y’s) want to feel valued and that their work really is making a difference.

gen Y

If you are finding it difficult to motivate your youngest employees, try these 5 recognition tips to keep them engaged…


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The Value of a Simple 'Thank You'

Recognising employees through a structured, well managed reward and recognition program is a great way to boost staff morale and motivation.

It is well known that highly engaged employees are those who find meaning in their work and whose efforts are recognised and rewarded with meaningful gifts. However, it’s important to value the power of a simple ‘thank you‘.

Whether it’s a smile,…


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Need Some Tips for Workplace Happiness?

How happy are your employees? We’ve all heard theories that happy and engaged workers = increased profit, and that is certainly the truth, but how do you ensure your staff are feeling positive, enthusiastic and energised?…


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Gamification is a Game Changer

Today on Smart Company, Fi Bendall discusses gamification and how everyday companies can use it to produce real results. Read the full article here.

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The Secret to Great Company Culture – (From the guy who founded Zappos)

We’ve been …


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There’s no ‘I’ in Engagement

Wait! According to the Temkin Group, there are five……


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New Media, Gamification and Employee Engagement

Technology is consistently advancing and new media is now capable of dictating customer service,…


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Why you Should Make Discretionary Effort Mandatory

“Discretionary effort is like loose change in a person’s pocket. It is management’s job to get them to…


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Human Capital Shares our Thoughts on Reward & Recognition for Retention

This month, Human Capital magazine featured a special report on retention. We provided comments and advice for businesses on how to keep reward and recognition programs alive and kicking, delivering positive results.…


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When is Employee Appreciation Day? Every Day.

In the US, they have National Employee Appreciation Day; it falls on the first Friday in March and has been doing so since 1995. During the approaching weeks, business owners and managers all over America are stricken with panic as they have forgotten to make arrangements. Simultaneously, the internet churns out streams of advice on how to show employees that they are…


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Engagement Through the Ages [INFOGRAPHIC]


Nowadays, it’s all about ‘doing more with less’, every organisation wants to maximise productivity and performance and the most intelligent way is through effective employee engagement and motivation.

But how? When it comes to engagement, we need to pay people more – pay them more attention! It’s just not about the money. Employee engagement is an investment made in order to future proof an organisation’s productivity and…


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The Dangers of Misaligned Values

Core Values

Engaging a …


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What Does Employee Motivation Really Look Like? [INFOGRAPH]

"The ability to motivate employees is one of the greatest skills an entrepreneur can possess; however, the path to motivation isn't paved with $100 bills. Employees are looking for emotional support and understanding more than financial benefits."

Mark is the General Manager of Power2Motivate APAC, delivering world class employee recognition and B2B loyalty programs…


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An App for Employee Happiness?

“A new app for Apple and Android claims to help employees learn what will make them happier at work, and how to make it happen.”…


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Motivate Your Employees…. For Free?

More from Tedx, this time in Philadelphia, where Adam Grant discusses the most effective method for motivating employees, and it’s free.

Adam Grant spent some time in a call centre in the Midwest. He arranged for a group of trainees to meet an “internal customer” or an employee from another department whose job depends on the sales brought in by these trainees. The result was a 20% increase in revenue per shift. Of course, the meetings were combines with inspirational talks from the…


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4 Ways to Banish Employee New Year Blues

At the beginning of every year a stream of research appears, claiming a decline in engagement levels, a lack of job satisfaction and grim tales of ever-decreasing retention rates, also known as employee New Year Blues.

For example, particular piece of research conducted by Seek Learning reveals widespread New Year Blues, after a survey of over 1200 Australian working adults. Seek…


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Communicating Company Missions, Visions and Culture

I have already discussed the importance of …


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Singapore Magazine, "Southern Star" Interviews Power2Motivate

“Effective reward and recognition programs are an important strategic move that can strengthen your brand and achieve ultimate business goals by fully engaging your workforce.”

This month, Singapore’s Southern Star magazine features an interview with our very own Nathan Kitchner, Executive Director of Power2Motivate, Asia.

Here’s the full article:

Mark is the General Manager…


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A (Simple) Engagement Tale

Did you know that …


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95% of Engaged Employees are Happy on Mondays

… And 82% say that recognition motivates them, another survey from Gallup highlights the importance of employee engagement. Have a look at more of the results in the infograph below…



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