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The gender pay gap explained: Women are less likely to negotiate

Recently I read through the excellent Richard Lloyd Sydney Accounting Salary Report - 2017. I have seen many salary surveys over the years and most are a boring copy of each other with very little new to say about the data that has been gathered. The pedestrian reporting of salary differentials across skill levels, although mostly diligently gathered and reported, was rarely enlivened with a fresh angle on the data subsets that were available. 

The directors at…


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Want a high performance team? Then don't aspire to team harmony

In March 2016 I attended a fundraiser for RUOK?. The morning comprised of twenty minute presentations from each of the 8 excellent presenters, skillfully welcomed and thanked by MC, Glenn Capelli. 

Among the speakers was Rachael Robertson who I was familiar with from her humourous and inspiring…


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Mothers, families, work and role sharing: what I have learned

A very significant event for my family occurred on Christmas Eve. 

My wife, Michelle was offered, and she accepted, the position of Head of HR at her current employer of six years, Hallmark Cards Australia. I was thrilled for her as I know how hard she has worked to build her corporate HR skills after ten years in agency recruitment. Also throw into the mix Michelle's role as mother to our (now eight year old) son and her lack of tertiary qualifications in human resources and you have…


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Some slave labour with your free range chicken?

Anybody that viewed the recent 4 Corners 'Slaving…


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Why crap interviewers don't know they are crap

Most people who conduct recruitment interviews have never been trained in how to interview effectively. Yet this lack of training doesn't stop these interviewers from believing that they have good interview skills and don't need any training.
It's called confirmation bias eg 'I hired Gavin and he turned out to be a winner'. A view that is rarely countered with the opposing voice, the voice of reality, saying 'Yeah, but you also hired Brad, Sarah and Steve and they…

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I call BS on employer groups: Get better rather than want things to be easier

I read a news article on the SmartCompany website last month 'Unemployment rate hits 12-year high as SMEs struggle to hire in "rigid" IR system' that irritated me. I was irritated again when I read a similar article this week…


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What I learned from my son's first recruitment experience

Last week was a momentous one in my life: My eldest son, Guy, was offered his first job. Then twenty four hours later he was offered another job.


Given what I have dedicated my working life to, it has been a fascinating experience to observe the process of my own child attempting to enter the workforce for the first…


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Recruitment tenders and PSAs: Please get out of your own way!

I'm right! Yes, it does happen occasionally. 

I now have substantial evidence from a highly credible global consulting firm that supports one of my more common rants; the ludicrous waste of time and money that a vast number of tenders and PSAs prove to be

Wasteful recruitment tender and PSA processes are one of my pet hates, and I am willing to bet my house on the fact that they are also a very big hate of many recruiters. 

Last week, Top 4 global accounting…


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How to waste your time at work

Time is money.

It's a statement you've probably heard many times. This is because largely, it is true. Regardless of our age or how much money we have or anything else superficial, we all have access to exactly the same amount of time each day, each week and each month as every other person.

One of the most common reasons/justifications/excuses I hear from recruiters as to why they don't consistently tackle important activities (eg prospect calling, staying in touch…


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Global staffing industry sales top $400 billion

The recent RCSA International Conference held in Queenstown had a variety of industry speakers and one of the most interesting was Barry Asin, the President of Staffing Industry Analysts who, as the name suggests, compile data and undertake research on the staffing (recruitment) industry on a global basis. 

In this blog,…


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Australia confirmed as New Zealand’s poor jobs cousin

Earlier this year I wrote about New Zealand's improved economic performance and how it was putting Australia in the shade. 
The official data released since that blog only further highlights the strengthening of New Zealand’s position. 
Consider the following comparative data: 

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The Flanagan/Myer resume fraud: what have we learned?

The case of the mysterious Andrew Flanagan becomes more intriguing as further information is uncovered. Certainly the mainstream media have had a field day, providing plenty of expanded coverage in the days after Mr Flanagan's deception was first uncovered.

Here's what…


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Myer sacks lying executive on his first day: How were they duped?

It was a highly embarrassing day for Myer this past Tuesday. 

After announcing the previous Thursday that 'Andrew Flanagan, has been ­appointed group general manager for strategy and business development', Myer confirmed on Tuesday that Flanagan had been fired after it was revealed that he was not, as reported, 'formerly managing…


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How many interviews does it take to hire top talent?

At the Australasian Talent Conference last month, I attended an interesting break out session on the future of interviewing and whether assessment would make interviews redundant. 

The panel made plenty of interesting points in response to questions and comments. Unsurprisingly nobody was predicting the end of interviews any time soon. 

One of the excellent points made by one of the panel in discussing the many ills of interviews, as they are currently being conducted, was…


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Competence drives confidence

When have you been most confident at work, in any job? 

I strongly suspect it was when you had a high level of competence in that job. 

I recently had reason to recall the start of my recruitment agency career, in London twenty five years ago. I was twenty two years old. I was working in an office for the first time. I was living out of home for the first time. I was resident in a country that was not my own. I was in a job that I had zero previous experience in…


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Australia still a global laggard in talent practices: The Netherlands #1

LinkedIn and PWC have recently trumpeted that Australia is the world's worst country for effective white collar recruitment and retention practices due to 23% of new hires quitting their job within 12 months of starting. Our closest cultural cousins, the USA and the UK, were far better with 15% and 12% respectively. 

This information is taken from research undertaken by PWC in analysing the 277 million professionals on LinkedIn as well as 2600 employers and then reported in the white…


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Headhunting: Unethical or a necessary part of a competitive job market?

Two very interesting and relevant US court cases were settled in the past three weeks involving anti-competitive behavior, namely no-headhunting agreements between large and high profile publicly listed companies. 

In the most high profile case, four massive tech firms (Google, Apple, Adobe and Intel) who were the defendants in a class action suit, agreed to a settlement (subject to California court approval) of USD$324 million rather than have the case go to trial. Going to trial,…


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Recruiters' role critical in powering Australia's future prosperity: Deloitte

I've just finished reading Deloitte's Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave report, the third paper in their Building the Lucky Country series. This report includes the actions that businesses and governments can take to position their…


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How fools recruit: 'I'll know them when I meet them'

No matter how far we think Australian businesses have come with respect to recruitment and employment practices, there are always plenty of reminders that old habits die hard. 

One of these old habits is the classic client response to a recruiter who requests a job description; ‘I don't need a job description, I'll know them when I meet them'

This would be laughable if it weren't so common to hear, even in 2014. Considering the amount of money at stake in hiring…


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I'm calling it - the job market is back

The mainstream media are full of big job loss stories such as Alcoa, QANTAS and Toyota but out there in the SME sector, where the economy's engine really hums, there's signs of life. 

I have been speaking to a lot of recruitment agency owners over the past 6 weeks and almost without exception they are all smiling again. February was a much better month than January, December or November and, even better, the pipeline for March is looking strong. 

This good news was further…


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