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How HR professionals can optimise office design

A competent approach to the design of the office and its space can significantly help in working with staff. The interior of the office is rarely approached meaningfully, often referring to it as a room for work. And without using design as a means of attracting, motivating,…


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7 creative employee benefits ideas

Many people may wonder why are benefits important. Employees are paid to work, right? Even though that's true, finding a specialist in each area of work is quite difficult. The constant fluctuation of employees may cost your company millions! So, if you want to prevent that from…


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How your HR team can support remote staff

In 2020, the pandemic has forced companies to work remotely if they wanted to stay afloat. Whether or not those companies were prepared for such an abrupt shift, didn’t really matter. Their teams quickly became virtual ones while the managers had to figure out things along the way.…


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Types of Insurance Every Business Owner Requires

Every business owners know that he or she will never succeed unless they take risks. These risks are calculated ones but nevertheless, it’s important to have an economic safety mechanism. There are numerous types of insurance available for entrepreneurs but it’s up to you to decide…


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Workplace Design: How to Make Your Company Appealing for Millennials

Baby boomers have ruled the labor market for the past three decades. However, millennials are slowly taking over, as nearly three-quarters of the labor force will be comprised of millennials by 2025.

The generation that grew up in the…


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8 Easy Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd

It's not easy to be unique and special in the world of business. When people focus on success, they can forget that one of the thongs that will make you more successful than ever is the originality. Whatever you do, you need to keep it in mind that your brand should be something…


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Six subtle ways to show employee appreciation

We all want to be appreciated, whether it’s in a home or work environment. The latter is something employers often find themselves struggling with. How do you show your employees appreciation without going overboard and making it seem forced? Being subtle about it is crucial, as…


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8 Powerful Ways to Market Your Local Brand

Marketing is a powerful tool that can help a brand position itself on the market and grow as a business. This is not an easy task and many companies fail to understand the importance of using more than one means to put themselves out there. New businesses also have to deal with a…


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How to Protect Your Small Business During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Economists agree that the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world worse than the 2008 recession. Some even compare it to the Great Depression from the beginning of the previous century, so it is clear that all companies, big or small, are feeling the effects of the pandemic.…


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How to set up an office wellness room

Our jobs have become so stressful that wellness is no longer a luxury but a real need if we wish to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Business owners and HR managers have realised this a long time ago, as we have seen a rise in…


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A healthy employee is a happy employee - ways to promote well-being in the office

Watching out for your employees' health and well-being should be one of your top priorities as an employer. There's nothing more important than health, and it can affect various spheres of your employee's lives, including their productivity and satisfaction with the workplace. For…


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How to Support an Employee Going Through a Divorce

Not all marriages are destined to last. This is nothing out of the ordinary, as people change as they grow old and decide that their spouse is no longer the right man or woman for them.

But there's no such thing as easing…


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HR's Role In Encouraging Work-Life Balance In the Office

There is this golden balance, this muddles the line between career and family life. It has been a challenge for ambitious and driven people since time immemorial. On one hand, you have your career in front of you, your passion, and your life’s work. On the other hand, you have life, family, friends, your health… In fact, you might have other…


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6 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Professional

Being your own boss and working from home comes with many great benefits. From creating your own schedule to not having to commute, it’s easy to see why a lot of people opt for this path.

However, there are also …


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5 Things You Should Consider Before Taking Your Dog to the Office

A growing number of employees, especially millennials, is taking their dogs to work because there are more companies today offering pet-friendly working environment. Pets are actually good for the mental health of the employees but it's necessary to train your dog for the office so…


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Negative Impact of Smokers in the Workplace

Businesses are all about the bottom line, which means looking at all the different things that can negatively affect it and making changes. Surprisingly, employees that smoke have been noted as a large long-term expense for most businesses, due to the adverse effects on health and…


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How to Make a Healthier Workplace

Working by yourself is hard enough, so when you add other people to the mix, keeping a healthy workplace becomes even harder. Working in a collective has many perks, but you also need to take into consideration the health and habits of those around you. Even if you are just an…


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How To Encourage a Stress-free Environment At The Office

When being a business owner or a manager, your job is not only to take care of the financial aspects of the organisation. One of the main things you will deal with is employee stress, which occurs for many different reasons. Here are a couple of ways to encourage a stress-free environment at the office.

Take work-life balance into consideration

You need to take into…


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6 Strategies for Promoting Your Small Business

If you are starting a new business or you have taken over an already existing franchise, then you are probably facing the challenge of proper advertising. We live in the age ruled by technology where it is hard to balance between traditional marketing and online platforms, so many small business owners are struggling to find…


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Planning a Fun Corporate Party? Do it in 5 Easy Steps

Throwing a party in your workplace is a surefire way to help your employees relax and bond. Having a coherent team will help you get better results and work in a healthier work environment. We all deserve to have some fun once in a while, and throwing a themed party will remind your employees of that. Of course, it’s…


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