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Adverse action claims – are we likely to see a spike?

With many businesses having considered reducing the size of their workforce, it seemed one of the most talked about topics was unfair dismissal claims. Businesses were keen to ensure that in response to the downturn in revenue their corresponding economic situation was justification alone for any dismissal being fair.

For what percentage of businesses did the Covid-19 lockdown…


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How Often Have You Heard, ‘Post Covid-19 Lockdown We Need To Work Together’?

By the time employees return to the same worksite, this may be not just a ‘well worn’ cliché but a disregarded one. Catch phrases are memorable and repeatable but do they evoke the intended action?

When people are fearful, feeling even slightly threatened, uncertain or in any way unsafe, what is considered ‘good’ for the community is considered ‘not good enough’ for the individual.

We need to work together respectfully. All employees will say this expectation is a…


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Strategic Planning & The Future of Work and Workplaces

In a recent Forbes article Tracey Brower made ‘5 Predictions About How Coronavirus Will Change The Future Of Work’.

One prediction is that ‘Your…


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Difficult Conversations Part 4

This is the fourth blog on the subject of difficult conversations. You can read the first article here, the second article here and…


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Difficult Conversations Part 3

This is the third blog on the subject of difficult conversations. You can read the first article here and the second article…


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Difficult Conversations Part 2

In the first part of this blog series the setting for the discomfort felt by both the manager (speaker) and the staff member (listener) was explored. Often the discomfort felt by the manager is momentarily acknowledged then put aside as though it shouldn’t happen and it is weak or poor management to feel this…


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Difficult Conversations Part 1

Holding a conversation for which you believe the content will upset the listener evokes the concept of a difficult conversation. Difficult because the speaker often assumes the news will be difficult for the receiver to hear. And so the conversation also becomes labelled as difficult for the speaker to know how best to frame what they need to say to cause the least discomfort for the listener. 

In such situations,…


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Emotional Agility

Susan David, psychologist and author of the book ‘Emotional Agility’ states that organisations need to get comfortable with uncomfortable emotions in order to provide a psychologically safe workplace in which staff feel safe to bare their emotional truth. She believes that when leaders are comfortable with uncomfortable emotions, they are better equipped to listen to staff and explore the real drivers of the…


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Investing In The Right Relationships

A Harvard Business Review ‘Management tip of the day’ recommended the prioritisation of working and spending time with colleagues that help one to feel fulfilled  and to minimise interactions with colleagues one finds depleting. Essentially the article was a call to action to invest in the ‘right relationships’.

I fully agree with the focus on investing in the ‘right relationships’ but perhaps this term firstly needs…


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Hidden Agenda

Will the real agenda please stand up!

One of the biggest contributors to mistrust between a staff member and their manager is the belief by the staff member that the manager has a hidden agenda.

The staff member doesn’t know what the manager’s hidden agenda is but they have such a strong suspicion that one exists they can almost become consumed by trying to work out what…


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Feeling betrayed at work? Don’t betray yourself

The workplace is a melting pot of people with different personalities, personal values, past experiences and levels of maturity in self awareness and emotional intelligence. This means that each colleague will react to situations in different ways according to their fears and subconscious protection mechanisms.

Unfortunately this means that some of your colleagues will react inappropriately and this will be demonstrated in various ways. Some reactionary behaviours can be very subtle…


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Is It Time To Re-Frame The Language?

In an earlier post titled ‘Who Really is the Difficult Conversation For?' I discussed the four stages for ensuring a clear and factual communication exchange that is both productive and constructive. Such a conversation is not just about conveying information, it is also about using the exchange to build…


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Collaborative Leadership and LOVE?

Collaborative Leadership and LOVE?

I was recently reading an article about the principles of ‘Collaborative Leadership’. The author suggested that “Principled Leadership’ required a leader to be clear about their own values as well as those of the organisation and be able to articulate them. The author then gave examples of the values that they believed embodied the concept of a true leader. These values were listed as:




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To Investigate or Mediate?

Sometimes managing staff can seem like a test of one's skill to be able to delicately walk on eggshells, particularly when one staff member starts making veiled complaints about another.

No manager should dismiss or ignore such comments, avoid the conversation, or offer comments of consolation or agreement (either implicitly or explicitly).

If a staff member makes…


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Eddie McGuire and The Bystander

The recent comments made by Eddie McGuire while commentating on the coin toss by Cynthia Banham has had plenty of air time. I question the co-commentators who were laughing and agreeing with Eddie's comments. What is their role as the 'bystander'? We talk about the role of the witness in our bullying and harassment training, we coach staff to speak out and speak up. Mention the phrase: 'The standard you walk past is the standard you accept' and everyone nods in…


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Managing Narcissistic Behaviour in the Workplace

Staff demonstrating narcissistic behaviours can undermine a company’s culture and character. Our Advanced Conflict Resolution training sessions can be tailored to include discussions on narcissistic behaviour. Discussions about behaviours in a workplace that may be influenced by one or more personality trait disorders can only be general in nature. While the concept of ‘patterns of behaviour’ and typical types of behaviour can…


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Leadership And The Trickle Down Effect Of Culture On Your Organisation

What if the Board and Senior Management/Executives really knew what the culture of the organisation was like – not just globally but at individual team levels?

What if the Board and Senior Management at Executive level and were acutely aware of exactly how the culture was impacting on the ability of staff to deliver on or fulfill their individual role in the business?

What if the Board and Senior Management at Executive level were acutely aware of how ultimately the total sum…


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When To Raise Your Voice

Why does someone raise their voice at other person/s in the workplace?

Some staff will raise their voice in the workplace to express or release frustration or anger. The release of wrath onto another person/s would be a breach of the organisation’s Code of Conduct and should not be tolerated or condoned.

There is a time to raise your voice in the workplace….only when the distance between the speaker and the receiver or the volume of background noise is such that one or more…


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FWC Findings And The Importance Of The Investigation

Minimising the risk of an unfair dismissal claim arising out of termination for serious misconduct.

If a poorly conducted investigation leads to dismissal, the business could find itself in front of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) with an unfair dismissal claim to argue.

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) will uphold an unfair dismissal claim (that meets jurisdictional qualifications) if the employment termination has been harsh, unjust or unreasonable.  A lack of natural justice,…


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The Gift of Gratitude

In a recent LinkedIn post, we celebrated World Gratitude Day by offering ‘The Gift of 5 Minutes’ gratitude ‘sticky pad’ notes for our valued clients and LinkedIn connections. You can view the post here. I would like to expand on the thoughts shared in this post and hope you come to experience (or are already experiencing) the many rewards that flow from a daily practice of expressing…


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