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Introducing the New World of Recruitment

Alistair Cox, CEO of Hays, recently shared some interesting insights on a new model of recruitment, which I’d like to share with you here. He wrote:

“In my ten years as CEO of Hays, I have never seen the world of recruitment and staffing evolve as rapidly as it is today.

I’m sure many of you can remember the days when sourcing staff involved advertising a role in a newspaper and waiting for applications to arrive in the post. Then came the rise of internet – which…


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Avoid these social media mistakes when job searching

Social media helps your job search in many ways, from profiling your expertise to finding out about new opportunities, but if you’re not careful it can also hinder your chance of securing your ideal job.

Most jobseekers are sensible enough not to talk negatively about their current employer, colleagues or customers on social media, but do you also check for discrepancies between your offline CV and online profile, take care not to post…


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Performance reviews – are they as dead as the dinosaurs?

Are we dinosaurs welcoming the annual performance appraisal meteor or do performance appraisals still have a useful purpose in workplaces today?

Many organisations are phasing out performance appraisals in favour of more regular feedback sessions. They say the former is backward-looking and a token obligatory process while the latter is more practical and future-oriented. After all, 12 months is a long time between reviews and a lot can change over the course of a…


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Disruption could be good for workers in their 40s, 50s and 60s

There is no ‘business as usual’ as far as digital disruption is concerned, but one unique way organisations can prepare for such uncertainty is to employ more older workers.

While younger digital natives are often thought of as an organisation’s best response to the rapid pace of change, a workforce with older experienced employees is often more prepared to face change.

Last year, Ford CEO Mark Fields signalled quite how profoundly technology has overthrown…


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An age-old problem: age bias in talent management

Are you too young, too old or too close to parenting age to be deemed an ideal candidate for development or promotional pathways? What about succession planning or flexible working options?

If you think unconscious age bias isn’t a factor in an organisation’s workforce planning, think again. A survey by recruiting experts Hays of 1,516 people across Australia & New Zealand shows more than seven in ten…


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Do we need a ‘right to disconnect’ or is ‘integration’ the solution?

Work-life balance. It’s been a hot topic for many years and now Millennials are bringing their own perspective to the issue: work-life ‘integration’.  

For them, there’s no line that creates an equal distribution between work and life to form a balance. Instead they propose integrating work with the other elements of their life. Whether that is caring for children or older relatives, health and wellbeing activities, voluntary work or any other personal priorities, integration ensures…


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Are we letting down middle managers?

There’s a reason middle managers are often referred to as ‘permafrost’, a reference to the difficulty in getting through this management layer from the top or bottom: a lack of learning and development.

According to our recent survey, almost half (48 per cent) of Australia and New Zealand’s mid-level managers say the training and development they now receive has decreased compared to the early years of their career.…


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Workplace gender gaps remain: Could de-gendering gender diversity be the solution?

It’s International Women’s Day today and while there’s a lot to celebrate, results from a recent survey show workplace gender gaps remain in career progression, pay and flexible working options.

The survey, by recruiting experts Hays, also suggests that de-gendering gender diversity by offering and accepting equal parental leave and flexible working options without career consequences for women and men could improve female representation in the workplace: 81% of respondents…


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Don’t set staff up to fail: How to establish if a potential manager will succeed

Have you ever been in a situation where a star employee, that person who hits every target and exceeds every objective, is promoted to a management role only to struggle for the first time in their career?

When people are promoted up the ranks, it is usually thanks to their strong technical skills. But as any successful manager knows, there are a whole new set of skills required at this level – which only increase if an employee will also be managing…


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The changing role of public sector Human Resources

HR experts with a public sector background can expect good job prospects this year, but one significant change that will impact their ability to secure a role is in the way they add value.

A move to a lean corporate service function has changed the role of human resources across the Australian Public Service, especially in Canberra. This doesn’t necessarily mean fewer positions but rather a change in focus to the way HR experts add…


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Will your skills be in demand in 2017?

Looking for a new job in 2017? If you’re a HR Business Partner, Instructional Designer or Remuneration Analyst you’re in luck. These are just three of the HR skills that will be in high demand in 2017.

Those with experience in change and projects, start-up HR and ethics and compliance will be needed too.…


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Talent mismatch: Candidates’ skills and employers’ expectations don’t align

Australian employers face a widening mismatch between the skills they require and those candidates possess.

This disconnect exists despite an existing pool of labour, and is impacting employers in high-skill industries the most, including engineering, IT, life sciences, financial services and professionals services.

As it takes time to undertake the training necessary to work in these industries, it makes them more…


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Engage or estrange: Why don’t bosses listen to what matters to their staff?

Do your line managers know how to motivate and engage staff at work?  A new report on staff engagement by recruiting experts Hays found a disparity of up to 13% between what people say engages them at work and what employers think engages their employees. 

We surveyed 1,196 employers and employees and found that being valued, recognition for a job well done, and understanding how their success will be measured are the top three engagement…


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Gender inequality divide: Do men need to open their eyes to the problem this IWD?

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD). While we have a lot to celebrate here in Australia on IWD, many Australians would argue that progress towards workplace gender equality can still be hindered today by people, more often than not men, who fail to see any problem.

Here at Hays we surveyed 603 Australians and found that far fewer men than women believe that female employees face any gender-based inequality at work. Moreover while men…


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The makings of an HR leader

A new report by Hays, The DNA of an HRD, polls HR directors on what it takes to get to the top, with stakeholder engagement voted as the most important skill to have.

For the report Hays spoke to 461 HR directors in Australia and New Zealand. The results show that 64% of HRDs are women, while HRDs are typically aged in their 40s and early 50s.

In terms of skills, over half (53%) say stakeholder engagement is the most important skill to possess, followed by commercial… Continue

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