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Simplify your inclusion and diversity strategy to increase effectiveness

Most organisations are fatigued with their approach to an inclusion and diversity strategy which doesn’t seem to get impactful results. Leaders are supportive of D&I but it’s hard for it to be a real priority when there are so many expectations on leaders and what they are responsible for.  

The reality is that a role that works…


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Leadership coaching strategies that promote diversity and inclusion

One thing I am certain of is that organisations cannot accomplish diversity and inclusion without investing in inclusive leadership coaching. A first step is for organisations to make establishing inclusive leaders a strategic priority.  

While it is admirable to adopt training solutions for employees at all levels in the hopes of developing a more …


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Why is inclusion important and other frequently asked questions

If you are a leader and you’re wondering ‘why is inclusion important’ then I want to take my hat off to you because you are taking a step in the right direction towards increasing inclusion within your workplace. 

Creating an inclusive environment is one of the number one priorities of leaders the world over. 

There are a…


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How to create an inclusive environment: 6 essential tips for every leader

For forward-thinking and dynamic organisational leaders, creating an inclusive environment is essential to ensuring every employee feels welcomed

The research tells us time and time again that creating a sense of belonging is imperative if you want to: 

  • Leverage the benefits of diversity 
  • Encourage innovation 
  • Ensure…

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The dimensions of diversity through an inclusive lens

Just as there are many different social stereotypes in the world, there are many dimensions of diversity and difference. And of course, they are all prevalent in the workplace. 

There is a growing trend, backed by research and insights, within the diversity and inclusion space to move away from focusing on types of difference in situ or the ‘traditional’ dimensions of diversity.  


Because it doesn’t really matter what…


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Workplace wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion post-COVID

What will workplace wellbeing, diversity and inclusion look and feel like to organisations post Covid-19?

I committed to having 100 virtual coffees with leaders and diversity and inclusion experts from around the world. I have been having some very interesting conversations. My question is: 

What does the pivot in diversity and inclusion start to look like post Covid-19?  

This is the…


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Building an Inclusive Workplace by Embedding Inclusion Habits

You may be thinking, “We are already a very inclusive workplace!” or “We really are inclusive leaders”, or even, “We don’t need inclusion habits!”.

That’s what I hear from most of the leaders I work with.

Why are we so insistent that we already have an inclusive workplace?

Here is my take on why we think we…


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