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The 8 Performance Myths Holding Organisations Back from Optimal Performance

Performance management is a hot topic; it has been for some time. Managers universally want to know what can be done to escalate company performance. What are the secrets, shortcuts, and strategies? Where do I begin? Employers and their managers all want answers to these and other performance questions. They…


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Bringing the Human Being Back to Work

An organization—any organization—is a bunch of people working together towards a common goal. We often lose sight of this simple idea. Managers become obsessed with processes, procedures, methods, and systems. We’ve dehumanized the workplace. Although many would argue that the workplace was never humanized. We’ve learnt to systematize, homogenize, process, and mechanize human work. We’ve forgotten that the…


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The Number One Secret to Staff Retention

We've all seen the surveys on what the employee wants from their work. Free massages, free gym memberships, trinkets, opportunities for working…


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The 8 Values of Highly Productive Companies

There are eight values critically important for developing an agile, productive organisation purpose built for the twenty-first century. Each of these values are shared by employees and management. What are these values? And how can they be cultivated in a business?

As we've known for some time, culture is the key; having the right workplace culture is…


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The 8 Problems with Appraisals

I surveyed 1,400 HR managers in Australia, New Zealand and South-east Asia and the results confirmed to me the need to get rid of the performance review.



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Organisations are Conversations

Organisations are conversations. At its heart, the life of any organisation exists in and is sustained through the conversations that are taking place inside,…


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The End of the Job Description

If you have been reading my blogs, you may get the impression that I want to end a lot of things in HR; I do. The things that aren't working are the things I want to put a stop to. One of my previous books - …


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The Four Strategies to Influence


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18 Powerful Ideas to Reward Your Team

Here are ten practical and powerful ideas for extrinsically rewarding a high performing team:

  • Giving verbal praise at a staff…


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Is an employer of choice myth or reality?

Imagine for a moment if you have a million prospective employees knocking on your door for a job every single year. Surveys show that most people…


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The Eight Values of an Employer of Choice

Every organisation these days - big or small - wants to become an employer of choice. Many claim they are and in reality few can be considered as such.

In today’s skills' short marketplace, many employers are adopting an employer of choice …


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Being human is common for human beings

As an experienced consultant, new clients will often remind me that: "Our industry is different ...".  Having worked across 21 industries, I appreciate and understand these differences. Different priorities. Different processes. Different approaches. Different products and services. Different organisational structures.

But I feel…


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What’s wrong with the job description, anyway?

Before we start analyzing performance, which is directly related to the next two conversations and indirectly related to the final two, it is important that we understand what we mean by the term “performance.”

I think there has been — and continues to be — too much focus on a person’s job and not…


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The 8 problems with the performance review

In my last book - The End of the Performance Review: A New Approach to Appraising Employee Performance, I discuss the eight biggest problems with the traditional performance review. These eight pitfalls came from my extensive research of 1,200 HR managers across 21 industries and seven countries.

Here is an overview of these issues and why we need to…


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The problem with most surveys

Most organizations do not effectively utilize the data collected, and this is a problem with surveys or reviews I come across fairly regularly. Although most organizations conduct annual surveys─usually online─the data collected is poorly communicated back to the people who gave the input: the…


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Appraisals are often a monologue rather than a dialogue

The concept of the formal appraisal is based on a power relationship; that is, the manager has the upper hand. He or she has a greater say in the appraisal of the staff member. The employee usually has a say, but it is often in response to the manager’s observations. It is an appraisal,…


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Do performance reviews increase performance?

Although it is difficult to measure definitively, knowing whether performance reviews increase, decrease, or make no appreciable difference to performance is important.

It is important because we spend a lot…


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Are performance reviews a form of workplace bullying?

The performance review is potentially a form of workplace bullying. It is an artefact of the "them and us" employment relationship of the last century.

 According to the ever reliable Oxford dictionary, a bully is someone "who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker". Do managers ever use their hierarchical power to intimidate employees?…


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Don't Rate People, Develop Them.

If we are trying to develop teamwork in our workplaces, why do we rate people at performance appraisals? John is a 'three' out of five and Mary a 'five' for report writing.  Isn't it more…


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