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Demise of paper giants & big law marks start of beyond 2020 workforce transformation

Be it the global financial crisis,  manufacturing industry collapses, amalgamations, automation, artificial intelligence, digital disruption, the demise of print journalism or disruption of the legal industry, it seems the only constant is change and only the strongest will survive, although the strongest will not necessarily be those with the deepest pockets.

 In June…


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It's time to send down an elevator

International Women's Day has now come and gone and the theme of the year - "Pledge for Parity" - dominated mainstream media for at least a week causing us to stop and reflect on the issues that are significant, ongoing and multifaceted. Whilst at a glance the hype seems to be "all about women", it's actually about building better, more competitive and sustainable organisations and…


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Are legal claims a symptom of the courage or compassion leaders should have shown?

The story is all too common – the engineer, accountant, lawyer, stock broker, line manager [insert other profession or occupation of choice] who has been promoted for their technical expertise but lacks the business acumen, emotional intelligence and fundamental leadership skills to lead a team – the common conundrum of how to make sound technical experts good leaders.

"Reasonable management action" taken in a "reasonable manner" is a defence to applications to "stop the bullying"…


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Disruptive change transforms HR - from compliance to inspiration of future generations

The world has changed. The nature of work has changed. Where we work has changed. We are moving between jobs faster than ever before and between tasks at a pace more rapid than we ever contemplated.  We are constantly "on" - on email, on smart devices, on social media and on the job.

The parameters of the workplace are also infinitely evolving as boundaries diminish whilst advancements and innovations in "big brother" based technology enabling minute by minute remote surveillance of…


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Bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination - what standard will your organisation tolerate this year?

A new era is upon us. An era where workplace bullying laws and compliance requirements are more onerous than ever before, where damages from sexual harassment complaints are rising exponentially and the boundaries between work and home life are blurring.  In this era, to not only thrive, but survive, organisations must embrace diversity and leaders must inspire cultural change.

“People won’t remember what you say or do – they will remember how you made them feel” a Maya…


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The Essendon Decision - A Work Health & Safety Perspective

It wasn’t just AFL fans who read with interest this week’s decision issued by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), overturning last year’s AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal decision and banning several Essendon Football Club players who CAS found to have been injected with Thymosin Beta 4 with the intention of giving Essendon an unfair advantage in the 2012 AFL season.  

Workplace lawyers have also followed the case with fascination, given the potentially significant work health and…


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'Tis the Season to be….Disciplined?!

I will never forget the year I thoughtlessly volunteered to host Christmas Eve dinner. An hour or so before guests were due to arrive I was racing into the supermarket (where trolleys were considered an early Christmas present) still on the phone dealing with the fall out of a Christmas party gone “wild”. I have since been relieved of Christmas Eve hosting duties, but instead wait for the phone call each year about the next inebriated employee that has taken the term “silly season” a little too… Continue

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The need for sound decisions – Unfair dismissal and mental illness

A recent decision of the FWC found that a public health organisation had unfairly dismissed an audio-typist based on his mental illness. The case highlights the need for employers to make informed decisions based on rational evidence when dealing with employees who may be affected by a mental illness.

The Facts

The employer…


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Long Term Casuals – Business Flexibility or Risk?

You can call an apple an orange but if it's really an apple the law is likely to treat it as such. Many businesses engage employees as 'casuals' genuinely believing this will allow flexibility by paying a fixed rate, terminating without notice and reducing the risk of unfair dismissal, only to find that all of these risks remain. Following are just a few common pitfalls where employers may come unstuck in relation to its casuals under the current legislation.



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The Do's & Don't of the "Silly" Season

The home stretch to the year’s end is upon us and most businesses are thinking about what to do for their Christmas/end-of-year shindig. To help you with these preparations, the following is a list of “Do” and “Don’ts” to help you get through the festive season with a safe, productive and litigation-free close to the year...



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To Tweet or not to Tweet: Navigating the legal minefield of Social Media in the workplace

The rapid rise of social media has changed the way we interact with each other in an unprecedented way.  In Australia 62% of people use social media and the trends are rising. This has been a phenomenon the law has had to very quickly and reactively catch up with.

Whilst there is no doubt as to the popularity and commercial benefits of social media in…


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