HR ain't what it ought be! 20 fix tips

I spent over 40 years in 16 workplaces, much of it in HR and headed up the function in two large human services organisations. I did some casual HR related assignments in another 15 organisations after retiring from full time work.  I learnt a bit in that time but did not fully recognise it; I was too busy.

HR ain’t what it ought be!   It needs to lift its game. Yet, you can do something! 

Here are 20 tips for HR and those that populate it to value-add. Up to it?

1 Be more courageous and speak up when you detect people averse behaviour

2 Forge a better relationship with your CEO and ensure that it is not a relationship filtered by an intermediary

3 Create the dream, not mirror it

4 Give over more compassion to the vanquished

5 Provide comfort to those who suffer grief

6 Insist that only those who are people savvy get to manage others

7 Listen to that un-communicated and then go talk with the CEO about it

8 Read The Little Red Hen – it’s a true story, not a folk tale

9 Reconnect with departed corporate wisdom for there’s much to learn

10 Establish a scheme to recognise corporate heroes, including those in your history; ensure that it’s the real deal

11 Get your CEO off her/his bum; take them by the hand and go meet your people

12 Ask all employees what they really think then publish the results

13 Identify the top challenges when it comes to employee engagement and do something about them

14 Deliver best possible contemporary people management skills to those who manage others and insist that the CEO attends once and, shuts up

15 Grow your imagination and channel innovation

16 Find nobility in the HR function – better still, create it

17 Dispense kindness and chase ‘gentle’

18 Give no bull-shit and take none

19 Build an ascendant reputation for HR and yourself and render it often

20 Do it with passion and be unambiguous or get out!

Now ask yourself – What am I to do?

Derived from a forthcoming eBookLeadership with a ‘T’  Look for it late 2015


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Comment by John Reaves Whitaker on July 9, 2015 at 23:45

great list Wayne! As an added bonus I spit up coffee laughing at at least 2 of them :)

- the ugly American, John

Comment by wayne faulkner on July 10, 2015 at 10:36

Thanks John - which two? I guess 14 might create a giggle. Appreciate your comment

wayne - the one who needs to warn others

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