25 Quick & Easy Tips for Staff Engagement

Here are 25 quick, easy tips on staff engagement:

1. Put engagement on your agenda and commit to helping your staff achieve it
2. Be real and genuinely care about your staff’s happiness, growth and contribution
3. Make it your job to help all your staff achieve their potential
4. Keep the atmosphere light, even when the topics are serious
5. Make your office known for the creation of laughter not anger
6. Give your staff a voice, involve them, listen to them, respect them
7. Encourage everyone to support everyone else, and the team
8. Receive bad news in the same way you receive good news
9. Be fair, objective and consistent in your decision making
10. Be truthful and transparent, explain more than you have to
11. Always correct value destroying (unethical) behaviour
12. Reward value creating (ethical) behaviour
13. Be clear on what’s acceptable and what’s not, and why
14. Ensure they work for the company values (not to make you or your boss happy)
15. Protect your team if your boss acts inconsistently with the company’s values
16. Engender pride in serving the customer
17. Don’t tolerate any form of gossiping, bitching, sulking or politicking
18. Give honest, constructive feedback whether its negative or positive
19. Trust your staff and expect them to reciprocate
20. Ensure everyone gets to speak at team meetings
21. Admit when you are wrong, and apologise when you break one of these rules
22. Leave your ego outside and make sure everyone else does too
23. Celebrate big wins together
24. Organise offsite events and teambuilding activities
25. Have fun, enjoy being at work and interacting with your team

The list works in reverse as well. It becomes a check list of behaviours for every employee to follow as well, and keeps everyone accountable – together.

This is an extract from the new book The Trust Future: How to use business ethics to create your commercial advantage, which will be available from 15 March. For more information, click here.

25 Quick Tips for Staff Engagement

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Comment by Erica Collins on March 15, 2013 at 14:37

What a great list Omer.  It is so unlike the typical list of 25 things you can do which usually rattle of a list of benefits or programs that have worked at other companies.  Those lists are more likely to increase employee expectations (and labour costs), but not necessarily increase engagement.

Real gains in employee engagement is not about "what" you do, but "how you do it" because this reflects whether the company is genuinely committed to employees and the underlying culture.  All the items on your list contribute to creating an engaging culture.  They may not be quick fixes we can tick off, but they will make a difference to engagement.  Thanks.

I look forward to reading your new book.

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