3 Ways HR Can Leverage Software Solutions for Quick Wins

Human resources is a department that the executive suite looks to for tangible improvements in people and business outcomes. Using relevant software and technology to build scalable people oriented programs is the right way to assess and address the deficiencies within your organisation. It is also the right way to create quick and sustainable wins for you.

In fact, implementing an efficient software solution is an easy way to impress your CEO. It is the most effective way to get that much needed quick win under your belt, whether you are just starting a new role or are feeling the pressure to deliver something new and innovative.

While using new technologies to address old problems can seem daunting, there are a number of reasons why you need to embrace it:

1. Start right now

CEO’s care about action - because action creates reaction. Starting a 50-200 employee people program or improving hiring efficiency by 20% with the right software platform can take a couple of days from first interaction to final execution, which is the beauty of good software.

HR focused software platforms were purpose built to remove the unnecessary and often painful admin burden from HR - while providing even better outcomes.

2. Prove the ROI of your efforts

CEO's are happy for their people to spend money when there are clear and measurable outcomes for the organisation. Unlike the archaic manual efforts of the HR yesteryear, software platforms enable you to track and report on HR program and activity outcomes.

This allows you to validate and prove your worth in a much more objective manner. HR software is doing for HR what sales and marketing software did for the marketing department - it is allowing HR to prove the ROI of its efforts.

3. Make you and your company leaner and more efficient

The most successful HR people today are those leading people centric initiatives. The most successful HR people tomorrow will be those embracing technologies and software to build scalable and efficient programs that do not require a lot of admin or extra hiring.

Employees today, especially the ones entering the workforce, are very accustomed to embracing new platforms and solutions; they are a generation which has learned and used hundreds of new platforms and applications in the last couple of years alone.

New technologies don’t scare them - they excite them.

The combination of this, and the beauty and intuitiveness of modern software means that there is now essentially no learning curve or wasted time adapting to new technologies.

The way to prove you and the HR department are invaluable to your organisation is to build and implement programs that engage your people and empower them to develop. The best way to create these programs is by finding an efficient solution to your problem.

Because if you have a problem, someone may have already build a platform to solve it.

The time you spend researching, discussing, and buying HR software will be an absolute fraction of the time you would have otherwise spent doing the manual things that HR software can do automatically for you.

Lance works for Mentorloop, the mentoring software platform that makes starting or enhancing a mentoring program easy and effective - by removing the admin burden of program coordination, and improving mentoring outcomes for mentors and mentees.


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