4 benefits of hiring through a recruitment agency

Most startups, small, and other companies in their infancy do not have a dedicated recruitment department. In-house recruitment is usually cumbersome for our Human Relations. The average costs associated with hiring an employee can exceed $40,000. These expenses include training, adjustment periods, and lost productivity relative to a more skilled workforce. This is the point in doing business where companies choose to utilize the services of recruitment agencies. Same goes for large companies, for it is the best way of accessing large pools of highly skilled workers. And for small organizations, the existing employee’s time is already stretched thin and is not a wise investment. Here are just some of the benefits of hiring a recruitment agency.

Time is money

All business make their living by capitalizing on their competitive advantages. It is a fancy way of saying that everyone is better off doing what they know best. We should not be wasting our precious man-hours on procuring new candidates. True, the advent of the internet has made job searching much more convenient and accessible for everyone. Employers do have an easier time recruiting on their own, using internal recruiters. So, why do recruitment agencies still matter? These specialize in the process of finding the best applicant for the specific position in question. It saves us time, money and guarantees the best choice to be made in a professional and calculated manner.

Understanding the position and the candidate

Agencies will make great efforts in training potential recruiters. They also utilize successful methods for properly questioning potential employees in specific areas and competencies that our company and position need. By establishing a relationship with the client company, recruitment agencies gain intimate knowledge for assessing key qualities in candidates. By the time a recruit has reached his position, it is made sure that all the checkboxes have been ticked off.

Deep and extended reach

Some job openings are highly specialized and demand candidates that are in high demand and hard to find. Potential candidates can have one of two statuses, active or passive. A passive potential recruit is the one that does not respond to job advertisements, for whatever reason. Even so, there are good chances that a skilled recruiter can reach, negotiate and persuade. Recruitment agencies are heavily networked enterprises, consultants, candidates, client or collaborators all have potential to leverage that network. Synergistically, they help connect us with people with the desired ranges of different skills and experiences. And plenty of them would be off our radar if we were to be left to our own. That is where agencies like Advanced Recruitments come into play. Such enterprises do the heavy lifting and digging, professionally.

Additional benefits

Recruitment agencies do not just offer help with recruitment. Experienced ones offer guarantee periods. What these are, if the hire does not work out, we are not obliged to pay for the service. The search is been started over by them, not us. With most of them, we can discuss and negotiate fees and guarantee periods or both. This holds true especially if we are hiring volume through these agencies. We can compare our internal hiring success rates with theirs. How much have rushed hires or lack of screenings affected our turnover rates? When using recruitment agencies, these mistakes are bypassed altogether.

According to LinkedIn, only about 12% of the workforce is actively looking for a job. The benefits that recruitment agencies can bring us are often hard to quantify. At least initially, that is. It does not make them any less real. Unless we are an industry leader and trendsetter, we probably do not have entire dedicated teams solely in charge of recruiting. And more importantly, unlike them, we do not have thousands of highly qualified people lining up at our doorstep. What a recruitment company will do is, they will sell our company to a potential candidate and vice versa. It goes both ways. They can turn a long and excruciating process into one that lasts as little as possible. This way, we can focus on the bread and butter of our business, whatever it may be.

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