6 Steps to Empowering Women In Leadership Roles

Today, women are closing the gender gap with men to hold leadership roles. They are closing racial and cultural gaps too. Many female leaders are climbing the corporate ladder to become the chief executive officer (CEOs) of the most prestigious companies across the globe. 6.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women as of 2019, that is, 33 women CEOs, Market beat reports.

To mention a few names, Geisha Williams was the Chief executive of the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Gail Koziara Boudreaux serves as the CEO of Anthem (NYSE: ANTM), General Dynamics is headed by CEO Phebe Novakovic, Michelle Buck is the CEO, Hershey, and Safra Catz heads Oracle, and more are positioned as leaders.

We can laud the work success of women in leadership roles and learn from their wisdom and achievements. Many of these women have become personal heroes to several women who are striving for success in business. However, if we think of the rest of the women population in the workforce, what does the future hold for them?

  • Are women in the workplace provided an equal opportunity as men to take the leadership role?
  • Are women taking a step back when offered a leadership role? (because women get tagged for absenteeism)
  • Are women facing gender bias in the workplace?

With the current attention they are getting from the employers, the legal community, or the media, for the concept of gender fairness, the positive need for more women in leadership roles is getting promoted.

Women are overcoming the challenges like work flexibility, empowerment, and challenge inherent while owning a small, large, or operating a home-based business solely. Yet, women still have the challenge to attain promotions, leadership roles, equal paychecks, etc. The challenges like work-life balance, parenting, multitasking, etc., are common for both men and women.

Women in leadership roles feel pressure at times to conform to the male leadership model. Though it could be a perceived or real challenge, it makes her sacrifice her strength and personal power. When she is aware of it, she can rely on her emotional intelligence and the demand for immediate situations rather than relying on associated actions of a male role model.

Staying true to innate strength makes anyone overcome the inevitable obstacles. Let us get to know how to add more women to leadership roles.   

Increasing Women in Leadership Roles

The following tactics might help the hr leaders to enroll more women onboard for executive positions. They are:

Know that the majority of your customers are women

Though your company might not have women in the management team, the potential customers of yours might have women in their management team. If you recruit women for C-suite levels, it is easy to get closer to the customer base.

When you are operating in consumer products, it is critical to note that the purchases are done or influenced by female customers. It could be the same even if you are selling products targeted to male customers, as the purchase is driven by women.

Therefore, it is necessary to focus on women candidates during the search and recruitment process.

Uncover the hidden talent

Many times, it happens that women become self-critical that they may not open up for high-roles and remain content with the position they have. As an ideal recruiter, it is necessary to discover the hidden talent and promote women in positions they well-suit for.

Being an hr leader, it is recommended to have a proactive approach and in-depth search rather than executive recruitment to find the right talent. Do not limit your access to actively seeking profile, but also the potential candidates working in lesser positions and give them a promotion offer.

Search where you never searched before

Women indeed have career breaks at a certain sphere of life, while her male counterpart would be leaping the career ladder. However, as she re-enters the corporate life, it is no doubt that she enters with full-fledged enthusiasm, proactiveness, and talent. Nurture the talent.

The career progression in the life of a woman would be entirely different from that of a male employee. Remember, women executives never come from the same background as males would do. It is necessary to point this difference during searching a profile for an available post.

Recognize in-house talent

Evaluate your internal talent pool before searching elsewhere. You can collaborate with executive search partners to understand the potential of the in-house talent, as they might have come across several talents who worked in the same role. But jumped to higher profiles.

With regards to talent management, have a strategic and process-driven process to appoint candidates for C-level positions rather than appointing them on an urgent basis. Introduce them to the right mentor and support them by providing tips to stand out in the competitive market.  

And finally, …

Offer the right benefits

In addition to monetary benefits, provide a more flexible schedule that supports work-life balance for women candidates. It could include a mobile working environment, healthcare benefits, access to closer business centers, additional pay holidays, pick and drop facility, and, etc.

Wrapping Up

It is a fact that though women may be a graduate or a post-graduate, she might never have had an opportunity to understand the skills and knowledge required to move ahead in the technology stream.

To strengthen the women’s effort, the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWABO) is the unified voice of over 10 million women-owned businesses in the United States. It represents the interests of all women entrepreneurs across all industries with chapters across the country. As an association, it propels women business owners for a great economic, social and political sphere of power. It acts as an outlet for women business owners to share and support each other in their business journey.

It is found that the presence of women in executive roles improves organizational success. Having a diverse team at the top executive level contributes to a competitive global economy.

The secret lies in providing them the right exposure. Offer women training and education opportunities and help them prepare for promotion in technology space. Hire women into employer-sponsored training programs and direct them the career path in higher-paying and technology-related positions. 

Author Bio: Ariaa Reeds is a professional writer who curates articles for a variety of online publications. She has extensive writing experience on a diverse range of Business and HR topics that include women in leadership, workplace discrimination, employee engagement, recruitment strategies, business finance, online education, and technology.

Connect with her on Twitter.

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