6 Strategies for Promoting Your Small Business

If you are starting a new business or you have taken over an already existing franchise, then you are probably facing the challenge of proper advertising. We live in the age ruled by technology where it is hard to balance between traditional marketing and online platforms, so many small business owners are struggling to find the golden middle that will ensure they are visible to all potential customers. The best solution is, therefore, to combine both strategies!

Any good entrepreneur knows that they have to be versatile and ready to adapt, so carefully examining the market is an important precondition for implementing a successful marketing strategy. Since you run a small business, you cannot launch major campaigns but there are other, subtler ways in which you can promote your company’s name and the services you offer. In fact, we have compiled a list of the 6 most effective strategies that will help you in the effort to make as many people hear about your business.

A special offer

The economy of today involves a lot of generic products that lack that personal feel that merchandise once had. Everybody likes to feel special, so your offer to the clientele needs to be custom-tailored. Customers need to feel special shopping at your place, so seasonal offers, special deals, and incentives should be an integral part of your offer.

The “sale” sign in the shop window or in an online store will definitely attract customers, especially if it’s seasoned with a high number with % sign behind it. Also, supermarkets have those offers which include one free product if you, for instance, buy 3 packages. You should always aim to offer a  bit more than your competitors for the same amount of money. A diligent shopper will know to appreciate this.

A free quote

Ideally, people would like to pay 0 dollars for any type of service or products. It goes without saying that this is impossible, but you can use this “free” frenzy to your advantage. In marketing, this is called a brand-out and it includes offering part of your services for free. Of course, what you are offering pro bono is not 1% of the total service but customers will at least stop and take a look at your offer if it has the “free” letters written over it. Construction companies usually offer a free quote in the hope of attracting new clients that are uncertain of their quality of service. Offering help and consultation is something that people know to appreciate and it is your ticket into a larger market.

Branded freebies

Apart from offering discounts and free services, you can give out freebies but with a twist. Simply giving out free stuff will not help your brand’s name but branded items will. These can range from a pen to an umbrella with your logo on it. A potential problem could be the fact that you are definitely not the first one to come up with this strategy, as people already own branded notebooks and coasters that they are not using. What you need is a freebie that is both subtle and prominent, like a doormat. It sits in from the office or the house and people inadvertently look at it when they cross the doorstep. That is why ordering personalised mats with your company’s logo printed on them are the ideal freebie. You can have them in different colours, sizes, and shapes so every client will be thrilled to be gifted one.

Social media marketing

You don’t have to be a fan of social media to use them for marketing. Business is nothing personal, so even if you are keeping your personal presence at social media to the bare minimum, your company need to be present in the cyberspace. Unlike a website, social media are more personal, which means they are more likely to attract people who expect interaction. You can organize sales that are only available through your Instagram profile or a game on your Facebook pages that involves liking a specific image.

Another good thing about social media is the aforementioned ability to interact with potential customers by answering their messages and comments. Through the chat option, interested parties can get quick info about the services your company offers, without having to write a formal e-mail and then wait hours or even days for the answer.

Old school: Word of mouth

Regardless of how communication has entered the virtual realm, the end product is still advertised to and purchased by real people. Any good salesperson will tell you that there is nothing better than a satisfied customer and this should be the number one goal of your marketing strategy. People interact on a daily basis and one satisfied customer will spread the news about our franchise faster and more effective than any online media can. In terms of marketing, a happy customer becomes a promoter of your business that spread the word about your company for free and forever. The best thing is that one person is likely to become your  loyal shopper, so your revenue will be secured for many years to come.

Tet-a-Tet communication

Finally, the oldest form of marketing that involves direct contact with the public should be practised here and there. Street marketing can be transformed from handing out flyers and business cards into a memorable event. You can have a DJ on the street or in a festival and even some sports on your street stand that will catch the attention of passers-by. They will approach the booth and then you can offer them your service or give them a freebie with your company’s logo printed on it. Because this form of promotion can be costly, don’t organize such events more than twice a month, depending on the type of small business you run. However, face to face communication should have a role in your marketing strategy.

As you have seen from the examples given above, balance is the keyword when it comes to successfully promoting a small business. Be traditional and modern at the same time in order to reach the widest market possible.

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