Six subtle ways to show employee appreciation

We all want to be appreciated, whether it’s in a home or work environment. The latter is something employers often find themselves struggling with. How do you show your employees appreciation without going overboard and making it seem forced? Being subtle about it is crucial, as you don’t want to give off the wrong impression.

Offer opportunities for career growth

In any market, the most valuable asset an employee can have is education. When you're well-versed in your field, you're going to be in high demand. However, some fields are a bit more difficult to progress in without the help of experienced superiors. This is where you can assist your employees. Career growth is a natural part of working in any industry. Though, not every workplace will offer equal opportunities for career growth.

Implement education systems in your workplace that will help employees improve their knowledge or craft. Have them work with and assist senior positions to help get them acquainted with the work. Use training seminars as an opportunity to introduce more knowledge. If employees are interested, invest in their education and help them progress. This will positively impact their work and their appreciation of the job.

Prioritise health and wellbeing

Health is usually the top priority for every employee. However, their health should also be at the top of their employer's priorities. Every workplace features some sort of work hazard, even if an individual works from home. It's important that an employer is aware of the dangers that come with the work so that they can apply changes that minimize risk.

Recently, employees have begun supporting the health of their employees in other ways. Physical and mental health is crucial for employee well-being and productivity, and researchers are taking note of this. Workplaces are installing gyms to allow employees to have a convenient location where they can work out and unwind. Similarly, healthy food options are also becoming a key part of every workplace. Having a small cantina that features a bit of freshly cooked food is a lot better than depending on a vending machine or nearby fast food. These are relatively small and manageable changes when you consider the benefits that come with improved employee health.

Acknowledge contributions

If you had to guess what the most decisive factor for employee satisfaction is, the first guess would probably be the paycheque. Time off and work hours would also be near the top of the list. A factor most people seem to forget is a feeling of appreciation. When you feel like you provide a significant contribution to the business, the work becomes more meaningful. It's something that is close to the top of influential factors for workplace satisfaction, if not number one.

The great thing about this is that it’s mostly psychological. You can easily show your employees that they are valuable by acknowledging their contributions. Set aside some time at the end of every day to compliment employees on their good work. Have a meeting every now and then to explain how the business is progressing and how each and every department contributed. It’s a small gesture, but it means more than its weight in gold.

Give tokens of gratitude

There are lots of ways to show your appreciation in the workplace, but there are few as effective as giving a token of gratitude. It’s an old-fashioned way to show that individuals are important to the company, but it’s one that’s universally cherished.

What you get for them depends on their tastes. If you know your employees, you can have a good idea of what they like and dislike. If not, you can go for some safe choices. People generally enjoy seeing beautiful flowers bouquet at their desk. It’s always a welcome surprise. Others like gifts like chocolates or cakes. You can even choose souvenirs and desk décor items of all kinds. It all depends on the receiving individual. Either way, they will love any kind of token of gratitude you give, as it shows that you think about them.

Provide some snacks

Speaking of chocolates and candy, everyone likes eating a snack from time to time. Whether they’re confection-aficionados or strict diet-holders, it’s something everyone likes to at least try. Consider occasionally bringing in something to snack on during work time. A bit of extra energy and taste bud stimulation can’t hurt.

If possible, try to shy away from processed and packaged goods. Freshly cooked or baked is always preferable. Find a local place that makes cakes and consider taking a few of them with you at the end of the month. It’s something you can turn into a memorable moment with an announcement and some candles on cakes.

Involve employees in decisions

It’s hard to overstate how important employees are in every industry. As the backbone of the business, they contribute to every one of its advancements. However, rarely are employees consulted when it comes to major company decisions. Moving the place of business or changing an essential aspect of it influences every employee, which is why they should be consulted to a degree.

Hold meetings to discuss major upcoming changes to the business. It's possible to avoid backlash and sudden changes in productivity by discussing these things before they’re implemented. Should there be any problems in terms of applicability of a product or service, hearing the arguments of your employees can help resolve them. Not to mention, they will want to be included in major decisions even if they don’t have a particular impact on the changes being implemented. It’s something that will show them that they are appreciated enough to warrant discussion.


There are lots of ways that you can show some extra appreciation for your employees. If you’re short on ideas, the above examples might give you a bit of inspiration. Every one of your employees will want to feel appreciated, so make sure you don’t forget to cover every department. With a bit of luck, you’ll have a more cohesive workplace with satisfied employees.

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