Many people may wonder why are benefits important. Employees are paid to work, right? Even though that's true, finding a specialist in each area of work is quite difficult. The constant fluctuation of employees may cost your company millions! So, if you want to prevent that from happening, offering certain benefits to your employees is essential.

Benefit programmes attract and retain key employees. To show and invest their maximum into your business, you’ll also need to invest in them. So, besides the regular health insurance and paid vacation benefits, think about implementing some of these 7 benefits ideas your employees will adore!

1. Company breakfast

Who has time to have breakfast before work? Sometimes going off to work 15 minutes later means being stuck in a traffic jam for hours! That doesn't mean that your employees should skip the most important meal of the day. That's why you should implement a company breakfast each morning into their routines!

Offer them a buffet with a wide range of different beverages, healthy snacks and food they can consume before the workday officially starts. Besides fuelling their brains with energy, they'll get the chance to spend some time with their colleagues and build a stronger bond. Gatherings like these are crucial if you want to build a great team. That's why encouraging company breakfast should be on top of your list!

2. Child or pet day-cares

If you conduct a survey on your employees, you’ll find out that at least 70% of them have children or pets. That means that their youngsters and fur babies need to be secured throughout the working hours. Many (pet) parents struggle with finding suitable day-cares. They can’t simply let their kids and pets stay alone at home during the day. That’s where the company steps in!

Offer your employees daily day-cares for their children and pets. Whether you choose to outsource the company that will do it for you, or provide parents with additional funds that cover the expenses, you'll have happier and more motivated employees. Once they know their children and pets are safe, they can completely focus on their work.

3. Tuitions and college

Many young people that are getting employed do not seek the job opportunity only. They are looking for a place where they can improve their knowledge and continue their professional growth. So, if you want to retain young talents, offer them paid tuitions and college debt coverings to keep them in your company.

Occasional training such as stress and time management and advancements in their field of work, will not only satisfy your employees but also bring many benefits to your business as well. How? Well, if they learn something new and improve their soft skills, they will easily apply them to their work, which means more efficiency and motivation.

4. Vacation houses

Who doesn’t love to go somewhere exotic and fun during the vacation?! Even though your employees may get paid vacation as one of the benefits, you can still offer them more! Imagine staying in a fully equipped apartment with your family, with all expenses covered. Wouldn’t that be ideal?

If you want to make your employees happy, rent vacation houses each season. Give them access to those cabins, huts and hotel rooms whenever they need it. Physical and mental health should be one of the top priorities, so ensure they get plenty of rest while they are on their vacation.

5. Offer personalised work style

You're probably aware of the fact that not everybody is the same. Which naturally means that not everybody thrives under the same circumstances. Some people find 9-5 workhours ideal, while others may like to get off early and finish their work at home. So, have you considered offering personalisation of work styles?

Some benefits, like flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely, are key to attracting and retaining employees. Some people need their own offices, while others function better in an open space with their team. It all depends on the person, so don’t forget to ask your employees for an opinion!

6. Cosy spots

Have you noticed how some of the most revolutionary ideas were created in the shower? That’s because our brains are relaxed and able to come up with new and creative ideas. No, that doesn’t mean that you should implement showers in your workspace. However, you should consider creating cosy spots for your employees where they can relax and rewind during the stressful days.

Pick a place on your premises away from computers and technology. Implement a comfy seating area that will help your employees relax. For example, bean bags are an ideal and affordable way of providing the necessary mental rest for your employees. A bean bag is perfect for rest as it forms around your body, lets you completely fall into it. This kind of relaxation will stimulate your co-worker’s brains and kickstart their creativity.

7. Physical activity

Daily physical activity is necessary for our physical and mental health. It helps us get rid of the stress and negative thoughts that have been piling up during the day. Additionally, movement and activity provide additional oxygen to our brains, which makes us think clearer and faster. Why don't you use these facts to improve the quality of your employees' lives and increase productivity?

Talk to your employees and see what kind of physical activities are they into. For gym rats, you can offer yearly gym membership. However, for those who are not as keen on gyms, you can offer yoga at work. Yoga asanas are great for mind and body, and will definitely improve your employees’ focus and concentration.


Running a business and retaining top talent is difficult. Many similar companies might be alluring to your employees. However, if you want to attract and retain them, you need to find a way to stick out. These creative benefits will definitely make your employees stay in your company for a long time. So, don't wait too long. Implement them in benefits programme as soon as possible!

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