Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing scrapped

It hardly comes as a surprise that the Federal Government has scrapped Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing.

This is part of the cutting government spending. The chair of the Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing, Mr Everald Compton said on ABC Radio: “We’ve only got six months work to go and we can give the government a blueprint on all the legislative and policy and financial changes that need to be progressively made over the next 25 years to make sure we turn ageing into an asset rather than a liability."

"And I find it a little hard to understand why, when we’re so close to finishing something that we’ve had some years of work in, that it’s chopped off and that the government does not appear to want a report on how ageing is going to hit Australia.”

How will this effect recruiter? Not much. At least not yet. But you might have notice over the last five years or so more applications from people 50+. They can be tricky as they sometimes have more qualifications that their direct report.

They also tend to know their rights and exercise them. Many will target part time positions to top up their super.

The panel was established by the previous Labor Government in the 2012-13 Budget with funding of $4.7 million over four years. It sought to raise awareness of ageing issues, improve coordination of policy across portfolios and work with the government on implementation and design of ageing policy, including responses to the recommendations of the Advisory Panel on the Economic Potential of Senior Australians.

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