All we need is love and understanding (also in the workplace)

Hi there,

Since mediating hundreds of workplace conflicts - between 2 or more than 100 people - I have come to the conclusion that all we need is love and understanding, in life but also in the workplace.

I hear you say: hallo Thilan, that's no rocket science!

Yes, I know it's cliche and it is not original, but if we all know this to be true than why do I still see such a a lack of love between colleagues in some places?

No matter who I talk to as a mediator or coach, everyone wants respect (which in my world is an expression of love) and understanding, even those 'difficult' people who may be labelled by a psychiatrist as a narcissist, socio-path or a psychopath.

An expression of love towards a colleague needs to be genuine and starts with the premise that we are all humans with the same basic needs.

How to love in the workplace?

Just set the intention to look for loveable things in our colleagues by reframing the behaviour you witness.

Give people the benefit of the doubt.

Try to see the human underneath that colleague that pisses you off.

See an outburst of anger as a call for love in disguise by someone who is afraid and vulnerable that needs to be counteracted with an act of love.

Lets spread more love in the workplace in 2019!

Are you in?

And if so, what are YOU going to do to spread the love?

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