An Outstanding Presentation On What Really Motivates Your Staff

One of the free reports (available here: staff management advice), tells of a national business survey conducted not too long ago which revealed that two-thirds of the organisations surveyed had been affected by skills shortages.

A separate study found that only 37% of organisations had a plan to find and keep good employees.

If you can use the global financial turmoil to your advantage by putting together put a comprehensive employee attraction and retention plan in place, you can get the jump on the 63% of organisations which are doing nothing to protect their biggest asset.

Proactive companies are careful not to repeat that tired old line: “People are our most important asset” and then offer higher salaries and leave it at that.


The answer is simple: Nothing operates in isolation.

We’ve seen time and time again how wrong companies can be by taking a narrow focus and assuming that salary and recruitment strategies are the only way to find and keep good employees.

The employment website published a survey of jobseekers and this is the list of the main things that, when done badly, drive employees away.

Remember, people may have issues with all or any of these: – Reasons Why Employees Leave
  • Career development
  • Feedback/appreciation
  • Stress levels
  • Variety & content of work
  • Hours of work
  • The way work is organised
  • Benefits and conditions
  • Job security
  • Quality of management
  • Salary
  • Access to training or skill development
  • Working environment/ atmosphere
  • Tools & equipment
  • My boss


You need to make sure you are at least ok in each area and you need to start right away on finding out what’s really going on in the minds of your employees.

Now, I highly recommend you take ten minutes to watch this excellent presentation by Dan Pink and The RSA Organisation.

The presentation combines science and art to reveal some some fascinating insights into what really motivates your staff.



You can pick up the report here:


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