Congratulations go to Nicole Underwood this week for her post, Who will carry your vision? Tips to develop your successor, which has won her a complimentary pass to our upcoming event: "How to manage - and lift - workforce performance" (read more about the event here).

That post has had more than 600 hits on it in the past week or so, while other recent, notable contributions to the Community include:

Three situations where coaching is a waste of time (Susan Rochester) with 1600+ views; and

A simple workplace culture health test (Karen Schmidt) with 900+ views.

We now have 228 members and 108 blog posts on the HR Daily Community. If you have signed up but haven't yet posted something I'd urge you to give it a shot.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Summarise an HR-themed article you've read, and provide examples of how it does - or doesn't - resonate with your own experience;

• Write about an HR problem you've solved, and what were the steps, stumbling blocks and lessons along the way; or

• Pose a question to the Community, either hypothetical or reality-based.

As always, I'll be linking to your posts in HR Daily on Fridays.

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