I recently heard a great presentation by Scott Ward of Digital Infusions. He introduced the notion of a 90/9/1 rule for industry, social and business network forums such as Linked In. According to Scott:

90% of people watch and do nothing

9% contribute with ‘likes’ and comments

Just 1% actually create the content around which everything revolves.

I love this observation. Most people are just watching the game rather than playing it. That’s right, 90% of your competitors are not talking to the market, informing the debate or moving on the conversation. They are invisible. That’s a big shame, but also a great opportunity. For those who 1). Understand the potential and 2). Dare to start, there are rich pickings.

Johan von Goethe wrote that;

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Not just a nice to do!

I reckon this captures the spirit we all need to succeed today. There are a raft of indicators (unemployment, share market, resources pricing …) that point to a decidedly less rosy outlook for Australia and many other economies. It’s never been more important for you and your business to compete. You need to stand out. Creating great content and sharing it with your networks and market is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to do this.

Put your expertise into action

So step up! Have your say. Start a fight! Begin to create commentary, blogs, videos, images, memes and anything else you think will help your customers.

Don’t like what’s going on in your sector? Write about it.

Think you have some new solutions to common customer problems? Get them out there?

See a big problem coming that no one’s talking about? Start the conversation.

This week’s challenge? Become one of the 1%.

Oh and the final part of the quote:

“Begin it now!”


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