Artificial Intelligence for HR, turn the fear into opportunity

The perception for some is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace much of the work of HR departments. For leading organisations, the adoption of AI is a reality. The long-term benefits to productivity and overall cost savings to their organisations make the initial costs worthwhile. 


So what is AI exactly?

AI is basically technology in the form of machines that have the ability to conduct human capabilities including learning, manual repetitive tasks and problem-solving. It has been adapted into the business world to streamline and automate workflows.
Research indicates that approximately 40% of enterprises are already on the AI bandwagon, with an expectation of over 60% of companies using the technology by 2018. For HR departments the general beliefs are that AI will play a major part in the transformation of functions such as talent acquisition and payroll/benefits admin.

How will AI provide new opportunities for HR teams as opposed to making them obsolete?

  • What’s equally scary but also exciting is that AI can automate potential talent screening without bias such as demographic related information including age, sex and ethnical background. AI can take on the role of the employee on-boarding process, by creating new employee profiles and educating on processes and procedures such as health and safety.
  • AI can quickly collect and analyse data without the risk of human error, providing HR leaders opportunity to spend more of their time working with data analytics outcomes to future proof and focus on longer term strategies to help build their organisations and set them up for greater success. 
  • When it comes to training and development, working with AI will provide HR leaders insights into their team’s current state of work-mind. AI can perform pre-programmed tasks to ascertain key information, however the human one on one interactions can’t be replaced that help to motivate and develop individuals.
  • AI will help HR leaders to identify top performing talent and provide great insights towards indicating potential learning opportunities and further career development paths for their team.  Organisations who have adopted AI learning technology are recording great results with research indicating over 30% increase in productivity and 40% increase in retention.    
  • The implementation of AI technology within an organisation can allow HR to measure and track productivity of the company as a whole. AI can identify capabilities and areas for development including pinpointing individuals and team’s workstyles and preferences. As is often the case, employees can find it difficult to communicate areas that are challenging for them, through identification and acknowledgement of those challenges, HR can provide support and guidance to build capability and confidence resulting in better performance.
  • HR departments are generally run on tight budgets, so working with AI, HR leaders can objectively measure the cost of productivity. The data that AI can produce can break down costs of individual employees based on aptitude and attitude allowing HR to measure the cost of personnel across multiple departments. With these insights, HR can review and adjust accordingly, building teams that are adding value and streamlining those that are not. 
Through effective implementation of AI into an organisation, HR professionals can maximise outcomes across a range of activities from talent selection and development through to streamlining work processes and increasing productivity. AI can provide valuable insights that support HR in building business capability and demonstrate HR’s contribution to an organisations profits and levels of productivity. 
The HR Space is the insights and consulting arm of The Next Group and incorporates The HSE Space. The HR Space work with organisations to help build and develop the capability of HR and HSE professionals, to enable them to deliver outstanding organisational business results.  

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