At least one person on your team feels very differently about how your last one-on-one went

Being a seasoned manager ain’t easy — but being a first-time manager brings its own set of unique challenges. At SoapBox, we’ve been doing one-on-ones for five years. These meetings weren’t taught to us. As a company that’s obsessed with building happy and healthy workplace cultures, they just sort of happened. We learned through experience that encouraging managers to meet with each employee individually once a month, following a standard process, was the most effective way to build relationships between them. And, after doing them a few times, we noticed something pretty cool happen. Teams vibed better. Employees and managers became more aligned towards objectives and goals, and employees were more engaged, productive, and motivated.

We wanted to find out if other managers and employees found the same value in one-on-ones that we did, and also how they conducted these meetings. We’re not claiming to be experts on the topic, but it’s something we’ve given a lot of thought towards and with it, some key learnings on how to get the most out of one-on-ones. So we decided to conduct a study, surveying 1,000 managers and employees across North America. We learned that although one-on-ones are common in many organisations, people’s expectations and feelings about them vary considerably. More than we thought they would.

One of the more interesting themes across all the responses was the difference between how managers and employees responded. There were definite similarities in the responses, but they were different enough to suggest that one way to improve the effectiveness of one-on-ones is just to ensure that managers and employees are aligned in why they’re having one on ones, how they should run, what level of preparation is needed.

If you want to dig deeper into the report, you can download it here:

Here's a handy SlideShare we created highlighting the key results from the study: one-on-oneslideshare-170620143439.pdf

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