Changing generations along with a growing business scene have brought about a few more novelties in the working world. From jeans being embraced as your go-to business casual staple to working with people you’ve never even met (remote freelancers, that is), the workplace has changed quite a bit. However, one change, in particular, has made the rising number of employees a tad restless: ghosting. The term may have very well been coined by the same group of men and women who once broke up with a simple “It’s not you, it’s me” because it feels very much like an awkward breakup after which the employer can only pick up the pieces.

The practice of ghosting, or simply ditching their job post (or never continuing your correspondence in the middle of the recruiting process) has become more prevalent and today’s employees truly do have more options to choose from. Now that you as the employer also have to impress your candidates in order to deter them from this very practice, consider the following methods to up your recruiting game.

Set clear expectations

While it is a competitive world out there and you have to deliver a brand that will dazzle in order to stay competitive, you need to set clear boundaries and expectations for your teams. If you start to introduce too many late meetings or you reward only the ones who stay an hour longer than their work hours, prepare for a few of your best to jump ship.

For starters, and all the way back to the recruiting process, write a compelling, clear job description. This is where the vast majority of mismatches occur. In order for the right people to even answer the ad, you need to ensure that your expectations are realistic and that they know what they are getting themselves into from day one. Keep up with the same transparency throughout your collaboration, and you can begin to lower your turnover rates.

Tune in on their needs

Feedback sheets and surveys aren’t just for show. Use them to collect meaningful data that your brand can use to make a difference for its employees. After all, happy employees mean that you’ll have far better chances to get much happier customers down the road. A staggering 92% of employees in a survey said that they would be more likely to stay on if their superiors showed more empathy.

If you don’t have an open line of communication with your employees and you don’t even ask what a certain recruit would like as a part of their new opportunity with you, chances are they’ll simply disappear. Listen, and you might learn.

Embrace diversity

Hiring the wrong employees often happens when you simply cannot reach the more suitable candidates, or even more likely, if you don’t look in the right places for them. Most businesses stick to the traditional ad-posting system and wait for CVs to start rolling in. However, you can do so much more in order to attract and seek out the best people for the job.

For example, working with a disability employment agency can help you tap into an entirely different talent pool and find highly capable, motivated employees for your business. This will not only add diversity to your company culture but also help you find the right people.

Create a positive atmosphere

When it comes to new as well as long-term employees, spending time in a toxic work environment is one of the main reasons even the most dedicated workers will opt for ghosting. If you expect people to spend at least eight hours at the office, the least you can do is provide them with a rewarding, welcoming workplace that nurtures positive energy among teams.

Instead of late-night, almost threatening emails, time-wasting meetings, inappropriate jokes and constant pressure to perform, make sure that you foster teamwork, help and guidance, and transparent relationships to help your workers thrive.

Offer growth opportunities

Have you ever had the feeling of getting stuck in a rut in any aspect of your life? A growing number of employees don’t want a “safe”, nine-to-five job with predictable tasks every day for the next thirty or forty years of their lives. They crave challenge, responsibilities, anything that will help them expand their current skill sets and knowledge.

Make sure to let your recruits know that this is precisely what they can expect from their job, and let them know that such steps forward are possible within your own company – and that they will be, preferably, rewarded. Stagnation is the worst possible punishment for the modern worker, so make sure to provide them with opportunities to grow and advance.

Chances are that you will always come across an odd employee or two who are not the best choice for your business – so ghosting might ensue. However, you can implement these strategies to limit those situations to a minimum and keep your current employees happy and eager to bring in more equally inspired colleagues to join your teams.

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