Beginners Guide to Online Business Startup

Considering running an online business startup is not as simple as people believe. Just like any business, even the one online requires dedication and time in order to be a successful venture. There are certain steps to follow to develop your online business and this beginners guide will help you right from the start.

1.    Manage your own blog

Having your own blog is the best way to attract the potential customers you need and draw attention to yourself. Consider your audience as future clients you need to woo and impress in order to build your reputation and gain their trust. This is something you can achieve with articles which are closely related to your products and services. For an online business startup, this is an efficient way to bring organic traffic to the website and after a while, you can convert your blog into an e-store.

2.    Use drop shipping to deliver products

Drop shipping is an online business model which allows a company to operate without having an inventory or storing products in any way. It also means, in some cases, that the company doesn’t have to personally do the shipping of its products to the customers. Basically, you partner a dropship supplier who will manufacture and store, pack and ship the products on your behalf.

To be more specific, the customer places an order to your online store and you forward that request to dropship supplier along with customer’s info. Then, the dropship supplier packs the product and sends it to the customer in your name. This eliminates the need for a physical location and saves you the money on renting a warehouse since all you will need is a computer and working Internet connection.    

3.    Don’t shy away from social media

Social media is the proven way to promote an online business startup and you will have to research your target audience before placing posts, ads, and videos. Choose the social media which is the most appropriate for your business and the one your potential clients use. For example, Snapchat and Instagram are more suitable for Millennial audience, while Facebook can help you attract other generations. Also, be ready to communicate with your followers and interact with them through various contests and discounts exclusively organized for them.

4.    Use traditional marketing for visibility

Online marketing will work well for your startup, but it will gain more visibility if you combine it with offline methods. Place an advertisement in a magazine, rent a billboard and give free samples, discounts, and advice on radio and TV shows. Furthermore, attend events and use portable display boards and stands to attract the attention of potential customers and present your products. The best strategy is to start locally and once you gain the trust of your community, proceed with a wider marketing campaign. 

5.    Pay attention to user feedback

When starting your business, you will have to pay attention to user feedback about your products and services. This is why you need to do the research about what people like about the products similar to yours and what they don’t, in order to create the best possible service. If you receive negative comments, answer them in a polite and appreciative tone so the user knows that their opinion was valued. Monitor forums, Reddit and Quora which talk about topics close to your industry and see if you can answer some questions in order to build rapport.

Final thoughts

Owning an online business startup is both exciting and challenging so this beginners guide will help you get on the right path. Just believe in your product and use all the available means to marketing your business online, as well as offline since that will bring more potential customers. 

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