Pinch of Thought - Building Leaders for the Imagination Age

This week’s Pinch marks the culmination of a series that I’ve been writing as part of my work as the Head of Consultancy at the About My Brain Institute. It outlines the case for a new model of leadership, developed by AMBI Founder and CEO, Silvia Damiano. It’s one that puts our new-found understanding of how our brains work at the centre. I believe this to be an extraordinary body of thinking – and one that is desperately needed as we struggle to adjust to be professionally successful and personally contented in a contemporary world gone mad.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to read through my outline, a few more to work through our slideshare presentation. You should then download Katharine McLennan’s compelling white paper (my tip – best digested with a cup or glass of your favourite brew). It that takes us from the wisdom of the ancients through to the latest insights from neuroscience.

To start, just click the link below.

Building Leaders for the Imagination Age


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