Combining HR Tech Solutions to Secure the Best Talent

The rise of HR technology solutions is having a major impact on the industry and the inefficiencies of running Australian businesses as a whole. Advancements in technology and data collection in recent years mean good-quality data has become the minimum requirement for successful business processes. And although there can be animosity from veteran HR professionals about the new digital solutions, there’s no doubt about the value, efficiency and security they offer.

One of the key challenges for HR professionals is an inability to see the forest for the trees – the tools on offer provide solutions to such niche problems, they cannot appreciate the bigger picture benefits. That’s certainly something we’ve found at Xref. For most, reference checking seems like a necessary but somewhat mundane task that has always been conducted in the same way and probably always will – until you tell them what they can gain from using data generated by automated solutions and the value it can add to the organisation as a whole. One way to encourage HR tech adoption and enable businesses to reap these benefits, is by offering more than just one niche solution at a time.

On Thursday 20 October, Xref and Expr3ss! announced our partnership - the latest development in our ongoing pursuit to integrate with partners that allow us to deliver the optimal recruitment experience to clients, which ultimately filters through to the experience they offer candidates.

Expr3ss! is one of Australia’s most successful online recruitment solution providers. Through the integration, we can both now offer applicant selection insights as well as reference checking via one cloud-based system. This allows clients to identify ideal candidates and take them seamlessly through the referencing process. We’re taking automated solutions and applying them to what would normally be an analogue and inefficient process – in the end our clients make better hiring decisions, more quickly, and ensure they’re able to secure exactly the candidates they’re looking for.

That risk of missing out on the best talent is real, and something that Expr3ss! founder Carolyne Burns feels strongly about. In a recent blog, Carolyne discussed the myth many Australian businesses believe, that there are no good candidates available. The truth is that great talent is actually being overlooked and missed due to tired, old processes.

As Carolyne outlined in her blog, “Traditional recruitment metrics used worldwide focus almost exclusively on a person’s experience doing a specific job. The problem is that people with the aptitude to perform a task may not be a good fit for a specific corporate culture.”

Both the Xref and Expr3ss! platforms streamline otherwise archaic recruitment methods and offer efficient, cost effective solutions to busy HR professionals. They bookend the critical interviewing process, ensuring the ultimate balance of technology and human interaction, and ensuring the value of human perception is not lost to automation.

Both Xref and Expr3ss! expect to see the trend of HR tech companies partnering to encourage this balance, grow significantly in the short term, to the benefit of employers looking for the best recruits in an increasingly competitive war for talent. 

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