Communicating Company Missions, Visions and Culture

I have already discussed the importance of company values when building your recognition strategy, but what about communication?  In fact, communicating these values is just as important as having them in the first place, regardless of the size of your company. Clearly defined, well communicated company values give everyone a sense of purpose.

I'm not not the only believer in communication of values, just recently Ron Garrett from the SEOmoz blog posted about his experiences as a consultant and why communication is key:

It’s extremely important for a company to have a clearly defined mission, vision, and sense of culture (values). Equally crucial is to communicate these things on a somewhat consistent basis to the members of your team and to periodically review them to make sure that they are growing and evolving as your business grows. Regardless of whether you are a big fortune 500 company or a small three person team, it will serve you, your partners, and your employees well to have a sense of purpose, direction, and a core set of values from which to make decisions and keep everyone focused.”

Read the full article here.

Mark is the General Manager of Power2Motivate APAC, delivering world class employee recognition and B2B loyalty programs to a wide range of clients.

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