Five ways to keep employees engaged over the festive period

Let's face it – it's that time of year when the office runs on skeleton staff, people are distracted by all the festive fun and coming to work can be the last thing on an employee’s priority list.

So, how can your office beat the silly season slump?

Online Education Services (OES) is passionate about having a highly-engaged workforce, no matter what time of year. We believe that when our employees feel connected to what they’re doing, they will naturally perform better.

Here are five tips to keep staff performing at their best:

  1. Set reasonable goals

If you can, try to manage workloads around this time. When most employees are concerned about planning a holiday, organising Christmas shopping and dreaming of days spent at the beach, you need to think about quantity over quality. Don’t overload employees with low priority work, as you’re unlikely to get a high output.

  1. Encourage staff to take their annual leave

For most industries, January and December are generally slow periods. A healthy dose of relaxation can be the perfect remedy to re-energise your employees for the year ahead.

  1. Allow flexible hours

Enable staff to rearrange their hours when diaries permit. This is especially important to employees with young families. When people have a balance of life outside of work, they’re more motivated to get things done when they’re at work.

  1. Take stock of the year so far

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect. We credit our culture of high performance to actively encouraging feedback and clearly aligning reward to both performance and behaviour. Acknowledging individual successes and creating new goals that line-up with business objectives is a great way to engage with teams and set the tone for the year ahead.

  1. Focus on celebrating and having fun

At the end of the day, fun is what the silly season is all about. We make sure our workplace is enjoyable for everyone by decorating the office, hosting workplace games like trivia or bingo and by offering holiday themed activities.

It is the genuine and passionate belief of our leaders at OES that being people-focused gets us better bottom line results. 

The end of the year is the perfect time to reconnect and show employees how valued they are to your company’s success.

If you would like to join our team, visit us at OES careers.

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