Four Important Steps for Finding Hourly Employees Online

It's hard to find an article on a recruiting topic these days that is not focused on some new online tool or strategy. This thing called the internet (you've probably heard of it) seems to have changed recruiting forever. 

What you don't see very often is articles that are focused on helping managers and employers find the hourly employees they need for their business to be successful. 

When you're recruiting these employees online, your options are overwhelming. Where do you start? There are thousands of places you could post a job. How do you even approach this challenge?

Here are four important reminders to help you find hourly employees online.

1. Don’t follow the pack.

Don’t just do what everyone else seems to be doing. Don’t assume what’s working for them will work for you. Test the channels for yourself. Many employers like you may be on a certain site, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most cost-effective and yields the best results. They may have just done the best job marketing to employers like you to get them to use the site! The main thing to ask yourself is if you think the candidates you are trying to reach are present there. That’s all that matters.

2. Test, test, and keep testing.

Select channels to test based on research you’ve done that indicates your audience will be there. Start with only a couple, maybe even one at first. The best research we recommend is to actually perform the job search for the position you have open as if you were actually the job searcher. Go to Google and search for what you'd search for. Look at the sites in the results. Take notes of what you see there. These are the sites that your potential new-hires will be going to. Select which ones your company will be present on from there. 

3. Measure.

Test the channel for a short period of time (a few weeks) and measure your results. How many applicants did you get? Were they of good quality? Did it lead to filling the position? If it showed a good return. Continue tweaking and improving.

4. Iterate.

Constantly test new channels that you think might produce good results. Cut the ones that don’t. Post your job, listen for a few weeks, analyze, and then iterate. Soon you’ll have a handful of successful online recruiting channels that you’ve tested and seen good results from.


If you’re going to succeed in online recruiting, there’s one thing you absolutely have to have. Focus. Focus regarding who you are trying to reach and which channels you are currently testing.

There are LOTS of places to find employees online. Too many. This is why focus is so important. If you want to learn more about finding hourly employees online and offline, I recommend checking out this definitive guide. It will help you define who you're looking for, the strategies to use, and the channels to find them with. 

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