Time goes by so fast and another generation is ready to take over the world (and your office). Meet Gen Z-ers, the demographic born between 1994 and 2000. They’ve already entered the workforce, and the statistics say that by 2020 they’ll make up 20% of it. There are many stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the world’s first true digital natives, but one thing is for sure: unlike Millennials, who are usually perceived as lazy, self-obsessed, and narcissistic, Gen Z-ers have been growing up in the post-9/11 milieu, additionally shaken by the 2008 financial crisis during which they saw their parents and relatives get laid off, so hard work, stability, and a regular paycheck are among their top priorities.

Companies should be prepared for a shift of focus when recruiting and hiring Gen Z candidates.

The Perks of Being a Gen Z-er

Google, Apple, and Facebook are among the most desirable companies to work for, not only because of fat paychecks. The key is in a distinctive culture those companies are cultivating. Sure, perks such as free buffet, shower, or massage therapists are a big plus, but Gen Z-ers are even more idealistic than previous generations, and they’re more interested in a company that would provide them with possibilities for personal growth and development.

  • According to a recent research study, 74% Gen Z-ers think that a job should have a greater meaning than simply being a bread-winning instrument.

  • However, don’t jump to a conclusion that money isn’t important for them. Generous pay is high on their priority list, but still, 30% of them would be willing to accept a pay cut in order to work for a cause they can deeply relate to and care about.

  • Their pragmatism and down-to-earthness are perfectly reflected in the fact that for 70% of them, health insurance is the number one must-have.

The Rise of Entrepreneurship

One of the most remarkable characteristics of this generation is their entrepreneurial spirit. Almost 13% of them have already established a business of their own, while almost 49% plan to do that in the future. Being their own boss is something that they highly value, and this is the result of several factors. First of all, coming of age during the world economic crisis has shaped their mindset and made them more proactive and self-sufficient. Secondly, they’ve had any information they’ve ever needed at their fingertips, and they don’t even remember the world without the internet. Apart from that, tons of free or low-cost online resources, including eBooks and various courses are available for them.  

We Don’t Need No Education…Not!

65% of today’s kids will be employed in jobs that still don’t exist, meaning that they’re being prepared for something vague and elusive. A difficult task has been put before teachers, to help Gen Z-ers be ready to adapt to an evolving workforce landscape. It’s true that this generation is DIY-oriented, but when it comes to regular education, they’re aware that a degree from any of the world’s prestigious universities increases their chances of landing a good job. As the process of applying and enrollment can be quite a challenging experience, services specializing in providing future students with expert support and university admissions consulting are gaining popularity among ambitious Gen Z-ers who don’t want to leave anything to chance.

The Importance of Being Flexible

Millennials are usually pictured holding a cup of expensive coffee in one hand, their smartphone in the other, while they swoosh through busy streets of big cities. Gen Z-ers, however, want to work in a corporate office. They’re also willing to work late hours or weekends, but on the other hand, flexibility is something that is very important for them. The office environment provides them with an opportunity to collaborate with their colleagues and learn new skills.

Although they’re kids of the digital age, fond of WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other instant messengers, they prefer in-person communication at work, mainly because they want to develop a better communication with their coworkers. Of course, digital communication is something natural for them, but lengthy mails aren’t their cup of tea. Skype, text, or tweet them, when you want to get your (short and to the point) message through.  

Maybe the most important information that employers should know about Gen Z-ers is that 77% of them expect to work harder than previous generations.

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