Guidelines to Headhunt Integration Architects

Integration architects are quite scarce to find as their demand doesn’t seem to diminish in the near future. Human Resource teams struggle when they need to fill the post of an integration architect in quickest period of time. That’s why, HR teams get a sinking feeling when they are asked to headhunt solution architects for critical integration projects or onboarding customer data. Here are some best practices to streamline the headhunting process and select an architect who can solve critical technology integration challenges:

Focussing on Skills: The HR Teams Evaluate the skills required during the length and breadth of integration projects. For this, necessary skills shall be bucketed under various categories after consulting the stakeholders. It also important to consider broad multi-dimensional integration concepts. The strategy should encompass concepts like software architecture, design principles and how a candidate can address them.

Identifying Right Platforms for Headhunting: Generic websites won’t be useful to find b2b integration and data onboarding architects. HR teams should closely scrutinize active profiles available on knowledge sharing IT communities. Several IT experts have written very good articles on integration best practices on GitHub and Stackoverflow. HR Teams can shortlist experienced profiles after filtering and contacting them.

Preparing Questionnaire for Evaluating Candidates: It is important to prepare a detailed questionnaire that helps in evaluating candidates to the core. The questionnaire should trigger general responses besides ambiguous ones. Moreover, it should help in driving the integration process further. A good questionnaire urges candidates to give short and crisp responses. The questions should framed around construction patterns, design principles, design patterns and architectural concepts. Here are some of the questions it need to cover:

  1. In what ways encapsulation supports code use?

  2. How does cohesion impact module and layer implementation?

  3. What are the ways to deal with differentiated architecture?

  4. Differentiate between inheritance and component design?

  5. Mention data tier and its attributes?

  6. What are the Development methodologies that you prefer?

  7. What methods you will adapt to handle architectural erosion and onboarding customer data?

  8. Define web server architecture, cloud architecture, SOA architecture?

  9. Define the following design patterns: Creational design pattern, structural design pattern, and behaviour design pattern?

  10. How would you implement an algorithm considering the code structure?

Moreover questions can be asked related to specific design and coding decisions

Shortlisting the Candidates: Candidates giving ambiguous standards shall not be considered. He should be evaluated on the basis of his responses and technical acumen. He should be able to explain, how he will use a combination of technologies to solve particular business problems. Disrespectful and demeaning candidates shall be not considered for integration projects. A pre technical chat can help integration specialists in knowing about the positive attitude and ability to work under tight deadlines.

The HR teams should focus on updating the headhunting process as per integration practices. Changing the strategy will help teams in hiring integration specialists who can build integrations to onboarding customer data from differentiated technologies.

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