How HR Can Enable the Success of Your Organisation

Whether your organisation is big or small, your human resources department is important to your success.

The HR team is not just there to file paperwork on personnel and do the payroll. They perform an important strategic role in looking after your organisation’s most important asset—its people.

By taking adult education courses in HR, or providing adult training to your staff, you can strengthen your human resources department. By doing this, you help your organisation be more successful.

In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of HR for organisational success. We’ll also look at the benefits of doing adult education courses.

How HR can make your organisation successful

Before we talk about how to upskill your HR department through adult training, including online adult education courses, let’s look at the various ways that HR can make your organisation successful.

Keeps employees satisfied

The human resources department are responsible for working out if your company’s people are happy. First and foremost, workers need to be confident and competent in their daily tasks and duties to be satisfied. They also need to be satisfied with their supervisors and managers.

By ensuring your employees are satisfied, the HR department keeps your workers satisfied and therefore more productive. It also reduces staff turnover and reduces the costs of hiring new staff.

HR professionals have many strategies for working out how satisfied employees are. HR might have a schedule for regular employment satisfaction meetings. This is where a supervisor touches base with each worker individually to see how they’re going and to collect feedback.

If there is dissatisfaction among the workers, the HR team get to work setting things right. Their aim is to keep morale high and motivate employees.

Maintains an effective budget

The HR department also perform an important role for the budget of your organisation. More specifically, they control the costs of managing the workforce, from hiring new staff to upskilling the old staff through adult training.

The HR department analyses data, looks at trends, and evaluates the labour market to make considered decisions that help your organisation’s budget. For example, HR might recommend when it’s time to increasing employees wages, which ensures employee satisfaction and keeps costs lower in the long term.

The HR department also help negotiate employee benefits including healthcare and additional perks.

Provides professional development

Human resources are responsible for working out which skills and qualifications your employees need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. HR helps managers and supervisors understand which qualifications are required by new employees during the hiring process.

Human resources also help upskill employees through adult training. This could take the form of in-house training or adult learning course. While it costs money to upskill staff, the return-on-investment is very high. Organisations become more successful when their staff are highly trained.

Professional development is also very important to employee satisfaction. Workers are happier when they feel that their work is meaningful and that they’re learning new skills. In this way, providing adult training actually reduces staff turnover. This is just another reason why the professional development and training provided by HR is vital to your organisation’s success.

Improves performance

The HR team are experts in improving staff performance, and they have many tools and methods at their disposal. The HR team will develop a performance management system that is unique to your organisation.

This plan measures and monitors employee performance and finds ways of making improvements. The HR department also helps supervisors and managers have those difficult conversations with staff who are under-performing.

Resolves conflict

Organisations big and small will always have conflicts among their ranks. Conflicts can be expensive, time consuming and can lower morale.

Human resources have specialised strategies for managing conflicts, whether they be interpersonal clashes or disputes about pay. By resolving conflicts, HR improves employee satisfaction and makes workers more productive.

How to upskill your HR department

Your HR department might not be reaching their full potential. By upskilling the HR team through adult learning courses, you’ll freshen up their skills. They’ll learn processes that make your organisation more successful.

Because you want your staff to remain working for you rather than studying full time, we recommend online adult learning courses. With adult education courses, your HR team can upskill in their own time when it suits them, without having to take time off work.

Types of adult learning courses in HR include the Diploma of Human Resources Management, Diploma of Leadership and Management, and Certificate IV in Human Resources, all of which can be completed online.

Is HR helping your organisation succeed?

Now that you understand the importance of HR for organisational success, it’s time to invest more in your HR department. Start by taking adult learning courses, or by providing adult education courses to your staff. Through adult training, you’ll upskill your HR department and help your organisation succeed.

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Helen Sabell works for the College for Adult Learning, she is passionate about adult learning. She has developed and authored many workplace leadership programs, both in Australia and overseas.

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