How's the air up there? HR in the Cloud space.

Why the Cloud will help your HR processes

If the words “Cloud” or “Cloud-based” have you silently sweating it in meetings, don’t worry. This new world of online data storage brings so many benefits for HR in general, and your business in particular.

What’s the Cloud and why should I care?

As PC Mag puts it, using the Cloud simply means “storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer's hard drive”. In HR terms, cloud-based software offers a huge range of benefits:

  • More secure data that’s quicker and easier to access – from anywhere you choose
  • The ability to search, analyse and report across all HR data, improving the credibility and timeliness of your information
  • Access to the latest versions of software – often automatically
  • The option to link multiple systems such as LMS, and payroll
  • Better engagement with staff through self-service portals
  • The ability to configure a solution that fits your exact needs

A good Human Resource Information System (HRIS) will help you acquire, store, analyse and distribute HR data, improving on traditional processes and enhancing your ability to make strategic decisions based on robust and up-to-the minute data.

How do I choose the right HRIS?

If you’re trying to decide which HRIS will give the biggest boost to your business, look for these factors:

  • Simplicity: Rule out anything that overcomplicates existing processes and look for solutions that eliminate duplicated information (rather than adding to it).
  • Flexibility: Even if you don’t feel you need to tailor the system right now, make sure you’ll have the ability to do so in future, especially if you have growth plans.
  • Adaptability: Will this new solution fit well with the other systems you already use?

Isn't my organisation too small for an HRIS?

Whether you run a large organisation or smaller business, an HRIS will make day-to-day operations easier in a whole range of ways. The right HRIS can allow both small and large businesses to:

  • Access to all personnel data and documentation from multiple work sites
  • Manage common HR workflows such as onboarding and exits, along with recruitment via integration with job sites (i.e. Seek)
  • Monitor training attendance, work health and safety documentation and the performance review process
  • Keep employee details up-to-date via an employee “kiosk”
  • Approve leave requests with the tap of a finger
  • Store employee-related documents and templates in a secure, searchable space
  • Capture staff information through integration with Outlook.

Want to know more?

If you’re spending time maintaining multiple paper-based/hard drive-based systems and want to talk about an HRIS that will suit your needs, we can help.

Get in touch to discuss which solution will work best for you. 

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