How to Create Good Working Environment on a Limited Budget


Never underestimate just how much of an effect on the business environment you provide to your workers can have on their overall productivity. Remember, a happy worker is a productive worker. We all do our best work when we are in our most comfortable surroundings. When you apply this to the scale of a business, even the smallest positive change to the work environment can have a tremendous impact on employee morale.

You would be forgiven for thinking that giving the office a makeover, especially in such a way that it will enhance the working habits of your employees, would set you back a significant amount. However, it is entirely possible to overhaul your workplace without having to put down a significant amount of cash.

Open Space is Better Than Open-Door

An efficient workplace is dependent upon effective communication. Anything you can do to improve the way your employees communicate with one another will bring you long-term benefits. An open-door policy is a great way of encouraging better communication between all levels of your organization. However, we can do one better than that.

An open space office does away with the door entirely! And the walls! With an open plan office, there are no boundaries, physical or otherwise, between all the separate components and individuals that comprise your business. If your office space makes it relatively cheap and easy to remove the walls that separate your workers, you should seriously consider doing so.

Focus on Details and Finishes

Sometimes it is the smallest of changes that have the biggest effect. Instead of going all out on a complete renovation of your workplace, it is often far more economical to focus on enhancing a much smaller area in a more significant way.

The Chinese art of Feng Shui, to give a very crude summary, is based around the notion that our environment reflects whatever is going on inside us. By engaging in a little bit of basic Feng Shui of your own, you might find multiple ways of creating a more productive and efficient work environment for a very low cost.

No Fluorescent Lights!

We often don’t think about it, but throughout our lives, we are constantly being bombarded with artificial light. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the type of artificial light we are exposed to can have a physiological effect on us. This is why modern smartphones come with blue light filtering capabilities. Our brains associate blue light with daylight. Therefore, when we are exposed to artificial blue light, our brains think it is daytime. By filtering out the blue light, modern smartphones can be used after the sun goes down without inhibiting our sleeping patterns.

At least one study has found that the level of natural light that workers are exposed to has a significant impact on both their happiness and their productivity. When workers aren’t exposed to natural light, they become unhappier, more irritable, and far less productive. Adding more windows and, therefore, more natural light is a much more cost-effective measure than adding more artificial light to your workplace environment.

Ensure Your Business is Properly Equipped

In addition to ensuring that the physical environment of your business is one which encourages efficiency, you also need to be fostering the right atmosphere in terms of your business ethos and culture. If your business is understaffed or the staff don’t have the equipment they need to do their jobs, the staff that you do have will inevitably pay the price for it.

If you don’t have the equipment, space, and staff that you need to generate revenue, you should immediately set about fixing this. If this will require a cash injection for your business, consider whether a small business loan is an appropriate way of securing you the funding needed to hire staff and buy quality equipment.

If you are able to ensure that your workers’ wants and needs are being met, you will find it a lot easier to get the best work possible out of them.

Reforming your workplace environment doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. If you approach it in a careful and considered way, you might be surprised just how cost-effective many of these methods are.

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