Working by yourself is hard enough, so when you add other people to the mix, keeping a healthy workplace becomes even harder. Working in a collective has many perks, but you also need to take into consideration the health and habits of those around you. Even if you are just an employee, you can contribute to making a better and healthier workplace for all.

1. Re-stock the break room

The break room might be the unhealthiest room in the office. People want to relax and unwind, but they also want to have a few snacks. Instead of these snacks being junk food like usual, you could re-stock the break room with healthy snacks everyone will enjoy.

If you and your coworkers pitch in, you’ll be able to buy fruits, veggies, nuts, and granola bars for the whole office. Your nutrition won’t suffer any longer.

2. Cycle to work

Cycling to work is one of the best ways to stay healthy even before you enter the office. Cycling is more eco-friendly, saves you gas money, and keeps you in shape. Your whole body needs to work to peddle and stay balanced, making all your muscles stronger in the process. It will probably be hard to cycle in the beginning, especially if you live far, but it will feel awesome soon enough.

This way, you won’t have to worry about getting enough physical exercise, either. Skipping a workout at the gym won’t be so bad, as you know you’ll get your daily workout in another way. Ask a few colleagues to do this with you, and you’ll be much happier and healthier.

3. Watch your smoking

Smoking might be a habit you have, but it doesn’t mean everybody else enjoys it. It’s fine enough for you to freely smoke around your house, but at the workplace, it’s a whole different ordeal. The smoke coming from your cigarette could irritate others, especially because it’s pretty tough to get out of clothing. Some may have breathing issues, while others simply can’t stand the smell of cigarettes. You should be courteous to your colleagues, as they don’t need to share this habit with you.

Every smoker knows that going out for a smoke break often isn’t really possible in the workplace, and working all day without smoking can make you seriously aggravated. That’s why getting electronic cigarettes from places like ECig Oz is ideal. They’re good quality, they give you the nicotine you need, and they don’t bother anyone around you. Your workplace stays smoke-free, while you still get to enjoy your cigarette.

4. Improve your posture

Even though this doesn’t directly apply to your coworkers, it’s still a way to live in a healthier workplace. Being hunched over a screen all day is very bad for your back and will result in back and neck pain soon enough. Give yourself regular reminders to check and correct your posture. It will be hard in the beginning, but soon enough you’ll be as straight as an arrow naturally.

To make this easier, you can convince others in the workplace to do it with you. Even convincing one person contributes to better health, at least to the two of you. You could have a buddy system and remind each other to correct your postures throughout the day. The other person is more likely to notice you’re slouching than you are, thus making the buddy system more effective.


Even if you can’t change everything by yourself, you can start. Just one person making a difference is enough of a spark to inspire others to do the same. This means that in no time your office will be the healthiest it has ever been. People tend to get used to good things, so you can expect the changes you made to stay. Work relationships may be improved, too. After all, it’s much nicer to work with others when you all take care of each other.

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