How to Organise the Office Space for Maximum Productivity

Whether you’re just setting up your office, or if you’ve been working in it for years, you’re probably wondering how setting up your space can help you be more productive. Finding a balance between a creative and uplifting space and one that helps you stay calm and focused can be tricky. Here are some tips for developing an office design that can help to maximize your productivity.

Understand Your Space

If you’re still looking for the perfect office on Gumtree to set up your business, you’ll want to examine the space carefully to see if you can get a handle on how things will fit and flow. Think about the number of people using the space, whether you want an open and collaborative environment, or if you need some quiet and separate spaces for people to work. Consider natural lighting, entrances and exits, where the bathrooms are located, and some not so obvious things like airflow, what the floors are made of (concrete slabs can be murder on your feet and knees) and whether or not there are any lingering odors from previous occupants. Some of this may sound strange, but these things can really affect how employees feel and function throughout the day.

Make the Best Use of Natural Lighting

There is nothing like the sun itself to brighten up your day; and your mood. The energy that comes with allowing natural light into your office can’t be replicated by fluorescents, or even by softer lighting options. Just watch out for glare on computer screens make sure that you don’t face someone into direct sunlight. The benefits of natural lighting over those of artificial lights are astounding, and should be incorporated into your design plan.

Reduce Distractions and Clear Clutter

While there are exceptions, most people are better able to focus in clean and streamlined spaces. Minimalist offices help to reduce the things that might keep you centered. Most people can’t handle distractions or too much stimulus, and remain productive. Clean lines, clear spaces, and the ability to block out noise can all be great for increasing productivity.


Or at least, make sure that the air you’re breathing isn’t hurting you and your concentration. Invest in quality HVAC systems and even purifiers if possible. Ensuring that people are getting lots of fresh air, and in particular, oxygen, will boost overall brain function for everyone. Find out if there are windows you can open to help clear the air when it gets stuffy, and you can even invest in plants to help clean the air.

Reduce Noise

Find a way to give employees a good way to block out distracting noises from their surroundings. While open and collaborative offices are great for inspiring creativity, they can also sap the focus out of some people, especially when they are under pressure and have a deadline looming. Whether it is creating a quiet space where people can work without interruption, or allowing them to tune out by tuning into their favorite music with a pair of earbuds, it’s important to make a quiet and noise-free opportunity for employees to get some work done.

Lighten the Mood

While we’ve already discussed bringing in natural lighting, updating your spaces with bright and energetic colors can also help. Slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and make sure that the office furniture is clean-lined and inspired. Keeping your employees in an upbeat mood can boost productivity as well, so keep that in mind when selecting your décor. There are bright, energizing choices, and there are cool, calming colors. Choose wisely.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember that one of the keys to having an efficient staff is keeping the workspace conducive to getting things done. There are many options available to you if you’re willing to invest the time and effort into planning your office design well.

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