How to write a detailed job description for a new role

I recently wrote about the importance of defining your job title prior to even advertising the role.  Following on from that train of thought I wanted to go a little deeper in to detailing the job description for when you do advertise the role and ways that you can look at ensuring that you have a solid understanding of the role and a way to provide you with a tangible definition of the expectation of the role itself. 

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Tasks

Initially start by detailing what tasks the role will be doing, The easiest ways to do this is to break the role down into blocks of time, and what tasks need to be completed within those.  For example deciding what tasks need to be completed daily, weekly and monthly.  This is also a good time to take the opportunity to review the tasks of the job, and see if there is anything that either may have changed if you are replacing someone or what may need to be added or removed if it is a new role.  It is also critical to review the expected work load for the role, is it to much work, or is it to little work.  Are there jobs or tasks that could be given to someone else or taken from someone else to go into this new role.  Breaking the tasks down in this manner will provide you with tangible KPI’s of the role itself which are critical in defining the role.  

Skill Sets

Once you have established what the role will be doing, define the required skill sets and qualifications needed.  For some roles you there will always be a mandatory qualification, such as general practitioners or lawyers.  If you know what your non negotiable are for the skill set then you can start to work out what other essentials and requirements are needed.  For example do you need someone with computer skills, or maybe scheduling expertise, if so then ensure that you add these to the required skill set lists.  It is important to note that you do need to be careful and not to mix up expertise with experience.  It can be argued that 10 years experience is only one years worth of experience followed by nine years of repetition.  

Tangible and Measurable KPI’s

However you put the job description together ensure that you have tangible and measurable KPI’s in place to support the role.  For example if you are looking to employ a sales team member and you want your new team member to make 15 cold calls a day, add that into the job description.  Likewise if you have an expectation that they will attend every client meeting do the same.  Taking the time to define and measurable KPI’s when writing your job description ensures that your candidate or successful applicant is fully aware of the expectations of the role from the outset.  

Reporting Lines

Understand who the role reports to is critical in any business.  As such making the decision as the reporting lines at this early stage is critical to avoid confusion and miscommunication from the the onset of a new team member starting.  Identifying the reporting lines at an early stage can also ensure that any reporting managers may also get involved in the recruitment process.  At this stage it is also important to define who reports into this role, does there need to be a change of reporting lines to incorporate the role or will it sit well with in the current business structure.  

Document It

Having spent the time working out what the role will look like it is important to then document it, ensuring that all parties have a clear understanding of the requirements of the role.  Take the time to review it and ensure that this is not only the role that want but more importantly that you need in your business.  

Taking the time to document a detailed job description ensures that not only yourself but the successful candidate understands the tangibles and measurable KPI’s of the role, the required tasks and expectations that come with it and provide a clear pathway to allow your business to recruit efficiently and effectively for the role.  

Dan Jones - Managing Partner Teamfinder

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