Humane Career Choices That Can Enrich Your Soul

Are you happy with your current job? It doesn’t really matter whether it pays really well if you don’t feel good about doing it and come back home feeling sad and drained of all the energy. Feeling good about the work you do every day is an important aspect of being happy and satisfied, and when you know that you’re doing some good in the world, at the same time, the feelings intensify. If you’re looking for career options which will enrich your soul, here are a few you should consider.


According to the PayScale website, people who work in the clergy were most likely to reply with “yes” when asked whether their job helps make the world a better place. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone because clergy members have made a decision to dedicate not only their career but most of their lives to the service of others. They give everything they have to the religious institution they serve but also to their congregation, and they are a source of support and comfort for others. Even though these careers often don’t make people rich, it offers other forms of rewards and people are happy to do this job.


Being a caregiver is incredibly difficult, and it’s something people learn when they become caregivers for their own aging parents, partners, and cousins. This is the reason why they spare no time and effort when they have to find a carer for their loved one and they want to make sure that the person can provide physical and emotional care to their loved ones. On the other hand, caring for people can take its toll on you too, so you have to be both physically and emotionally strong in order to do this job. Still, knowing that you’re able to make someone’s life easier and help them a lot really enriches your soul.


Becoming a surgeon is a process that takes an incredible amount of time, hard work, as well as money. As a result, however, you end up becoming a person whose job is saving people’s lives and making them so much better and easier. The rewards are extremely rich, surgeons feel that the work they do is important and meaningful, and their salary aims to compensate for all the stress and hard work (they are among the highest-paid doctors).


Just as doctors and surgeons are there to help when your body is injured, psychiatrists are there to help you when you’re dealing with emotional burdens that seem to be too heavy for you. Mental illnesses, traumas, and stress take such a toll on us that we can get physically sick if we don’t treat them accordingly, and psychiatrists are the people we turn to. They deal with a lot of things and the job is indeed stressful, but they have rather high salaries and, what is more, they have a truly high sense of job meaning.

Occupational therapists

When patients are recovering from illnesses and difficult injuries or suffer from certain cognitive or developmental conditions, they usually need help to get back on track and live their lives to the fullest. Occupational therapists work with these people and they help them improve impaired motor skills, thus making it easier for the patients to get around. This is the kind of work that can drastically improve the quality of life of such patients, and occupational therapists feel like their jobs are meaningful and important.

There are two things you should ask yourself: does the job you do make your happy and does it make the world a better place? The perfect job for you would be the one where you’d be happy and be able to support yourself and your family by doing it, and these career options we listed here will be able to give you exactly that.  

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