I want it now, but wait.... do you really?

We certainly live in a society today where people are becoming accustomed to getting what they want or what they need to know almost instantly.

I have realised this for some time and have often pondered what this means for our clients and our service. Recently I noticed a poster in a cafe advertising a particular app for placing your coffee order and it got me thinking of all the things in the cafe experience that customers would miss out on as opposed to physically ordering their coffee in the café and experiencing it-the smells, the service, the suggestions and feedback.  And I think the same concept applies for the services we provide.

Sure there are apps and on-line systems which make things more accurate and easier when it comes to managing people however there are things the person on the other end is missing out on if they only follow this approach- much more valuable information, knowledge and relationship building.

Take on-line psychometrics for example. You can get some good basic general data from some of the on-line quick tools, however what you miss out on is the value in someone being able to interpret the information specific for you, your business, your needs and the building of relationships and care for you and your business.  Doesn't sound like any big deal? well it is when you are recruiting for a role and want to assess someone against specific criteria within your unique organisation, which you don’t want to get wrong as we all know how much that costs.  It is also important to get this stuff right when you are trying to assess the potential in an organisation prior to investing in development as part of leadership development or succession planning.

Then there are engagement pulse surveys.  These are quick, regular, short questions done weekly to determine engagement of employees constantly.  Whilst I question the validity of some of these I also question who of their employees are going to complete it weekly each week.  More to the point will you know what to do with the information received or is it like doing any other survey and not doing anything with the responses which is where most people get trapped.  If however you engaged someone to assist you, you could find the right tool for you and your budget and be able to discuss results & findings together with actions & solutions and the have built a relationship where they care enough to ensure you get results.

Another example are the on-line templates such as employment contracts.  Can you please tell me how you can do this when there are different positions, covered by different awards in different industries with different salary structures which may or may not impact on specific award requirements, different specific clauses unique to the terms and conditions of each organisation with proper protection of the business?   It’s about being able to understand your business, ensure you are on track and compliance and that the contract supports what you are trying to achieve. You cannot do this through downloading a contract on-line, although no doubt whatever you receive will be fast (buyer beware).

I have only mentioned a few `I want it now’ scenarios and I am sure there is more however I think you get my point – all that is missing, the value, the care, the partnership, the holistic approach, authenticity and energy to help your business perform from ‘I want it now’ solutions.  All that is missing is what you get from HR Business Direction – inspired partnerships.

Next time you think I want it now, stop and think, the value you are missing out on.

HR Business Direction can assist with customised solutions to ensure you get a ROI from them, for your unique business.


Leisa Messer
Managing Director
HR Business Direction

07 3890 2066

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