If not now, when? Don’t put high performance on hold…

We’ve had a lot of mixed responses from clients weighing up face-to-face vs online facilitation for leadership and team-building programs since Covid-19 restrictions took hold back in March.

All the leaders and organisations we’ve spoken to recognise that the team dynamic and organisational culture have had to adapt to the new ways of working, and that, in many ways, these changes will be permanent.

Where people get stuck though, is deciding on how and when to get us in to facilitate some work with their teams. Some say it’s “too important to wait so let’s move on it now, even if we have to do it online,” while others say, “it’s too important to do online, so let’s wait until we can get together face-to-face and do it then.”

We did a podcast on this very subject, which you can listen to here, and one of the most important points we make on that podcast is this…

“If it's not now, when are you going to make those changes as a team? The most successful teams have been the ones that have continued to put learning and development, team building, working on themselves, up there with getting the work done and staying safe.

And so the teams that are waiting, waiting, waiting till this is over, you will have missed the boat. You will have missed the opportunity, one of the best and biggest opportunities that you're ever going to have as a team to inch up to that high-performing mark is now.

We cannot stress that point enough. The opportunity cost of waiting until face-to-face facilitation becomes a reality again far and away exceeds any perceived benefit of face-to-face facilitation over online facilitation.

We say perceived benefit because in our experience, online facilitation can be just as effective as face-to-face facilitation.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s some feedback from an HR Manager who asked us to put together a series of webinar-based workshops for their organisation…

"Wow. I was a bit hesitant to go ahead with the online program but you have delivered way beyond my expectations. I didn't realise something online could be so dynamic and effective, and the feedback from those who participated has been outstanding. Thank you once again and looking forward to the next one". - HR Manager (Government Owned Corporation) Victoria.

In the podcast we outline some examples of workshops that we’ve been presenting successfully online and included some snippets of content. 

Here’s a quick summary of those and, of course, if you’ve got another need you want met, we’d be happy to put together a bespoke workshop for you.   

MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Team Sessions - 2 and 4 hour sessions and customised MBTI reports for your team members

Wellbeing Strategies While Working  From Home - Just what it says on the box!

How To Run Effective Team Meetings, ‘Check Ins’ And ‘Catch Ups’ In A Virtual Environment - Let’s get rid of Zoom/Teams fatigue and get everyone engaged again!

Team Building Sessions – Icebreakers and  team-building activities in a virtual environment

Establishing  Good Rhythms And Routines - So essential with a fragmented workforce

How To Cope With Change And Uncertainty – Strategies and ideas to implement at the individual and team level

“Lock In the Learning” - how to establish new ways of working in a Covid-affected world.(We’ve also got a template available for you to create your own Covid Transition Plan available here.)

These sessions can be two hours or longer, depending on what the group needs, and start from only $1500 (+ GST for Australian clients) and deliver benefits that far exceed the cost.

We can also conduct LSI Assessments and follow-up coaching if required to ensure your leaders are working at their best.

The bottom line is, high performance is critical now and too important to put off till things get ‘back to normal’.

That's worth repeating. High performance is critical now and too important to put off till things get ‘back to normal’.

Email us at info@peopleleaders.com.au or give us a call (Jan on +61 425 795 938 or Michelle on +61 424 298 438) if you’ve got any questions or would like to discuss how we can help you and your team or your organisation, lift their game now rather than later. 


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