Improving diversity in early talent recruitment

Aon Enables Ocado Group to Improve Diversity in Early Talent Recruitment Process Using AI

  • Ocado Group now screens job candidates on behavioural qualities instead of academic qualifications 
  • This new process supported a 300% growth in job applicants 
  • Hiring teams reduced internal interviewing time by nearly 600 hours in first year

The process uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital assessment tools and has helped to save time for both candidates and hiring teams, reducing internal interviewing time by nearly 600 hours in the first year alone. The use of technology also increases Ocado Group’s competitiveness, by hiring candidates who are a better fit for meeting current and future business needs.

Ocado Group has made two core changes in its early careers hiring process. The first is a new selection process using Aon’s online assessments, which include a measure of candidates’ future-readiness, agility, curiosity and learnability, plus a gamified cognitive ability test to understand a person’s adaptability to change and working memory. Candidates who attain certain assessment scores are then invited to complete a recorded video interview using Aon’s Video Interviewing AI platform, which is bias-free. Up to this point, the process is automated, requiring no travel by the candidate or Ocado Group.

In addition, Ocado Group changed its screening requirements to consider all graduates. Before the new process, a candidate needed to have minimum of ABB results from an established university to be considered for a role.

In the first year of running the new process, Ocado Group not only assessed and hired over 70 high-calibre graduates from diverse backgrounds but also experienced a 300% growth in applicants and a 650% increase in video assessments. The new process also impacted the gender split, with Ocado hiring 53% female and 47% male candidates, a change from 36% female and 64% male hires in the previous year.

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