Is the art of Effective Negotiation a dying one?

The most contentious point of any negotiation/discussion about wages and conditions linked to productivity is how you measure the productivity changes. It is important for negotiators to be aware that the productivity gains do not necessarily equate to job losses, or loss of current conditions.


With the recent media exposure in regards to agreement outcomes for some major australian industries, it begs the question, is the art of effectively negotiating dying?


If either party to the negotiations is thinking that to achieve increased productivity during bargaining will cost jobs, or loss of current conditions, then neither party is negotiating effectively.


There are 4 measures of productivity that must be taken into account when establishing your bargaining/negotiation framework. They are:

Human productivity

Time productivity

Value productivity

Cost productivity

Once you have established principles within each of the measures, then the next step is to clearly identify each of the phases of negotiations and ensure that you are fully prepared for each step.

Introductory phase

Differentiation phase

Integration phase

Settlement phase

Training can provide you with the basics, but to effectively negotiate takes preparation and years of practice. Wins and Losses. Tear and Triumphs.

Having only touched on the bare minimum required to effectively negotiate, do you think it's a dying art?

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