It’s never too late to trust yourself

It’s never too late to trust yourself

It’s never too late to trust yourself to confidently head in the direction of your dreams. Never.

It matters not why you’ve waited until now.

It matters not that you may have got it wrong previously.

It matters not that you’ve never been lucky when less others seem to have been over-rewarded for under-performing. It’s not about them, it’s about you.

Maybe you just needed to find a better way to do it, and now you’ve found it.

Maybe for everything that didn’t go your way in the past, you gained something else that has made you more valuable now.

Maybe you encountered opposition previously from mediocre minds. Now you no longer interest yourself in those naysayers.

The reward for trusting yourself now to do something great is to implement and have it done.

The trust you have in yourself now is the essence of your impending success.

It’s never too late to trust yourself.

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