Keeping Your Employees Happy With These 5 Easy Tricks

A company is only as good as the employees it keeps. No matter how good your equipment is, no matter how strong your marketing efforts are, you need people to run things. Good electronics and software won’t mean much if you don’t have people who can use them. And the best and smartest leader won’t really accomplish much if his employees are not motivated to actually do the work they have to do. This is where we come in.

The article below deals with some ways you can keep your employees happy. Having them motivated, having a strong team of professionals who are passionate about their work, who strive towards getting the most out of their jobs and their professions are vital for success. However, that still doesn’t mean you should rely completely on their internal motivation. Rather, learn how to make them happy with the simple tricks found below.

Offer flexibility

First things first – everybody likes a good, flexible work schedule. Now, there are some jobs that require you to be at the office at all times there is no question about that. However, some other jobs have room to be flexible, flexibility that needs to be used and encouraged. 

Why should your employees spend every single day in the office when they can do a large part of their work at home? Instead of keeping them away from their families because of nonsense, let them work from home. Or, give them the freedom to come into the office at later times, so they can take care of their kids, or fit things into their busy schedules.

Lead by example

Always lead by example. Never ask your employees to do something you yourself wouldn’t do with their skill set and knowledge. Treat them fairly and talk to them honestly. If there are certain safety precautions they need to adhere to, you should stick to them the most. Any kind of dress code needs to be taken up to eleven when the boss is concerned. Indeed, if you don’t care about the rules, why should they?

Provide them with a good work environment

A big part of the employee’s motivation is where they work. A good, nice environment means a great deal for motivation and happiness. Namely, the nicer the place they are in, the better they will act. Plants, artwork, clean offices, and a nice view, all of these will do wonders for morale.

Maybe get some event entertainment packages and fix up your rec room, get things even better. Keep your office fridge and cupboards stocked with food and snacks, and keep the place clean at all times. Furthermore, think about the lighting in the office, get as much natural sunlight as possible.

Provide training

There are two things you get when you provide your employees with training. First is loyalty and the second is, of course, a well-trained employee. Namely, the times are changing and if you want to keep up you should always regularly train your people. Send them out to seminars, get some classes in, pay for their continual education. 

Getting a young professional working for you is already a great opportunity to shape this person. However, a young professional will most likely be ambitious, hungry for advancement and knowledge. Providing them with education means they are more likely to stay with your company instead of moving on, giving you a high-level educated worker who is also loyal to you completely.

Think about how you communicate

Think about how you talk to people, how you approach them. Your tone of voice, your body language, it all matters to your people. Don’t act like a drill sergeant, but also don’t treat them like children. Rather, find a balance between softness and sternness. 

Next, pay close attention to how you treat praise and failure. When you congratulate someone on a job well done, do it publically. This will then lead people to become more involved with their work and will want to crave that same congratulation in front of their peers. Scolding people for their mistakes in private means you won’t discourage people from taking risks and thinking outside of the box for fear of public shaming.


And there you have it folks, a couple of ways you can keep your employees happy. Now, of course, a good salary and good benefits mean a great deal – you can’t really be happy going to work on an empty stomach, with no kind of contribution, pension, or insurance. However, the way you speak to people also matters, as does rewarding good behavior. Lead by example, never ask your employees to do something you would never do if you had their skillsets and expertise. Be the first one to show up and the last one to lead. Finally, provide them with a good work environment, and be flexible.

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