Do you manage by policies?  Well, a lot do, so don’t worry, you’re not on your own.

I appreciate that some situations call for this and / or it’s a starting point to a conversation.  It also depends on where the organisation is at, but have a think about this…. Managing by roles and policies is very transactional (and will limit the return), rather than being transformational.  Transactional leaders:

  • are responsive;
  • work within culture;
  • manage through rewards and punishment;
  • motivate by self-interests; and
  • manage by exception.

Whereas, transformational leader:

  • are proactive;
  • aim to change the culture;
  • manage by employee’s higher ideals and values;
  • motivate by encouraging team interests; and
  • consider individuals.   

Whilst we help businesses with establishing policies and procedures – you’ll be able to maximise performance and productivity through transformational leadership.

When someone isn’t performing, isn’t performing to standards or expectations or behaving inappropriately, you do need to talk to them regardless of your leadership style – transactional or otherwise.  It also doesn’t matter if there is a policy or not, if it’s inappropriate then simply say something.   There is a cost (and eventually many) in not doing so.  Also, by avoiding the conversation or delaying it, it makes it more difficult to move to a transformational style of leadership to ensure employee performance and to reap the benefits.   

The benefits from a transformational style come from motivating the team to strive towards the vision, creating an enthusiastic work environment to drive innovation and change, creating high productivity, ideas and plans to share to turn vision into reality and reduces employee turnover because of concerns employees have for themselves and their career.

If you are looking to start to move to a transformational leadership style, start with:

  • developing a vision;
  • selling a vision;
  • having a plan; and
  • leading the change and / or plan.   

At HR Business Direction we can help develop leadership skills.  

Leisa Messer BBus(HRM); GradDipIR; CAHRI; IRSQ
Managing Director | HR Strategist
07 3890 2066

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