Marketing Advices to Attract Customers With Minimum Effort

The effectiveness of a marketing method isn’t so easy to make an estimate of. You see, a method may be effective but also incredibly expensive, which would make it not cost-effective enough. Then again, there are some marketing methods that give you incredible effect but take a lot of time and effort. For instance, content marketing gives an incredible ROI and is quite cost-effective but takes a lot of effort. According to some estimates, in 2020 it took 3 hours and 55 minutes (on average) to write a single blog post. So, in order to make this work, you need to complement your marketing strategy with some low-effort methods. Here are several such ideas.


Networking is not necessarily low-effort but it is a method that creates exponential gains. For instance, making a single valuable contact opens up options for future collaboration, recommendations and even outsourcing. Making contacts within your own industry may help you learn more about the business and get a helping hand where you would, otherwise, get competition. Moreover, networking is a subtle art that you can practice and improve on. 

Printed marketing

Printed marketing is one of the methods which creates the best returns with minimal investment of effort. There are several reasons behind this. First, it’s a promotional method that you put up once and continuously benefit from. Second, it allows you to brand a particular region or an area, which gives you a stronger local presence. For instance, a branded fence banner allows you to flag the region as your own, which creates the image of you as a local enterprise. This is also in perfect agreement with the rule of seven, which implies that your audience needs to encounter your brand at least seven times before they decide to engage with it.

Retargeting customers

Return customers are incredibly cost-effective and effort-effective for your enterprise. First of all, there’s a statistic that about 8% of your regular customers make up for as much as 40% of your entire profit. Second, a first-time buyer has a chance of 27% to return for a second purchase even if you don’t do anything to reengage them. Additionally, it costs you five times less to make a customer return to your enterprise than to make a new conversion. In other words, from a statistical standpoint, retargeting customers in order to turn them into regulars is incredibly cost-effective.

Use of social media

While social media may seem like something effort-intensive, the truth is that you gain quite a bit with so little engagement. First of all, it allows you to directly interact with your audience. Second, it helps you share your content with a whole new group of people with as little as several clicks. By sharing the content of others, you’re also benefiting your own reach. Most importantly, you need to understand that this also gains you some favour with other brands and individuals online. In other words, you gain a lot of value with a minimal investment of effort.

In conclusion

The best thing about minimum-effort methods is that you can use them in combination with other high-investment techniques and strategies. In other words, they can be incredibly useful in complementing your marketing strategy and help you get the most out of it. In order to make your strategy work, you need to implement a plethora of methods. The above-listed four ideas are always a welcome addition. By making an investment of time and effort there, you get to benefit quite a bit.

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