Mentoring: 26 reasons why you need it

Many of the world’s best minds and great business leaders have had a Mentor. Each knew, in spite of their ego, outstanding skills and abilities, that they would benefit. These folk included Oprah Winfrey,  Mark Zukerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

Mentoring, however, is not a prominent feature of the Australian business and public sector landscape. How many do you know who are currently being mentored?

From my own experience as a Mentor there are 26 reasons why YOU need a Mentor and why your organization should launch such a program now!

Here we go:

A Mentor …..

1 Feeds you stuff that you have not yet found

2 Challenges, accelerates and impels

3 Stimulates cerebral activity

4 Gives another perspective on that which confronts you

5 Offers wisdom

6 Is a sounding board

7 Tells stories from their own history about their mistakes, stuff-ups and learnings

8 Shares rich experiences not had by you

9 Is your personal cheerleader

10 Has been there, done that

11 Sees things that you don’t

12 Is a brain to tap, an ear to listen, a hand to push, an arm to lift, a foot to kick, a shoulder to cry on and a smile to inspire

13 Is a lab for you to explore, experiment  and test ideas

14 Escalates and fast tracks learning

15 Dispenses understanding and compassion

16 Asks you the hard questions

17 Makes you curious

18 Provides frank and fearless advice

19 Is a disrupter (yet you’ll enjoy the experience)

20 Moves you beyond comfortable

21 Offers a few tricks

22 Becomes a trusted friend

23 Awakens your inner self

24 Is good company over a tea or coffee ( your shout)

25 Is more value and better fun than the internet

26  ………………………………………………………….

Well, 26 is there for you to complete. It should be obvious to you.  I’ll share it with you if you ask.

If you or your organization would like to explore mentoring in the HR space at either the individual or corporate level then email me:

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