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One of the most important parts of any recruitment process is putting together a compelling job advert.  The job advert is designed to attract candidates to the role and as such it is important to make it as interesting and engaging as you can. It is critical that you take the time to outline the expectations of the role, take the opportunity to talk about some of the reasons as to why a candidate would want to come and work for your company, and most importantly try to incorporate some of your business culture into it.  To assist in gathering this information talk to some of your current team members and enquire as to what it is that they enjoy about working in the business.  Make yourself stand out from the crowd and ensure that your companies DNA shines through in the way that you write and advertise your role.

So with this in mind what are some of the fundamentals to writing a compelling job advert?

Get the job title right: 

I have touched on this point a number of times in recent blogs, but it is important to get the the job title correct. The reasons for this simply boils down to the fact that candidates search jobs by the job title.  Furthermore it will also impact on the type of candidates that may apply for the role.  For example a business development manager and an account manager are two very different roles, yet often businesses confuse the titles and want one, but advertise for the other and as such don't receive applications from suitable candidates. 

Make it engaging: 

You want candidates to read past the first 2 lines and not switch off.  Take the time to find out about your potential candidate audience and ensure that you use language that suits the role.  If there are some fun and quirky parts to your business or the role ensure that they shine through, so that potential candidates will want to engage with your business.  

Sell your organisation:

This may seem a little odd, however it is important that you make your business sound like somewhere that you would want to work.  We once wrote a job advert for a business that had been struggling to find a new team member.  Their response to the advert was “Sounds wonderful, can I go for the job!!!”  Talk about the pros of working with your business and sell why someone would want to come and work for you.

Tell it like it is:

Be truthful in your job advert, and tell it it like it is. For example if the role has a requirement to travel ensure that it is clearly outlined, don’t expect candidates to suddenly allow you to change the goal posts through the interviewing process.  It is important to show complete integrity as to the expectations of the role from the very beginning and in doing so it allows the candidate to make an educated decision as to whether to apply or not. 

Remove roadblocks:

Don’t add roadblocks to the application process, as this can easily turn away candidates.  If you feel the need add a mobile number to allow you to be contacted directly.  Alternatively outline what it is that you need a candidate to do to apply.  It might be a simple as emailing a cover letter and a CV or it could be a request to call you between a certain time frame.  Adding additional behavioural profiling, or questionaries at the early stages of the recruitment process may turn candidates away, so we recommend that you keep it as simple as you can.  

Think of the job advert as a way to not only sell the role to a potential candidate, but also as a way for the candidate to decide about your business.  In any recruitment process, the candidate will need to make a decision as to whether they want to work for you or not.  A compelling job advert will ensure that any potential candidates will want to be a part of your team.  

Dan Jones - Managing Partner Teamfinder

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Teamfinder is a recruitment company which connects great businesses with great candidates, we like to do things a little differently so we also offer comprehensive training packages, fixed rate recruitment, and most importantly we help save you time and money.

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