No 1. tool for a conscious people leader

 Make awareness the priority

A conscious people leader makes awareness his priority, not the problem, the situation, the event or the person. The conscious people leader makes his way of being a priority.

What actually happens is, we stop the automatic way of operating, the habitual addictions we have to feeling a certain way and reacting a certain way. We become different.

Have you in the last week said to your self “ Why is this is happening to me, again? Most of us operate from the same patterns and habitual conditioning we have been brought up with, pretty much like being on automatic pilot. The scary thing is, we believe we are in control. So, what does controls us? Our beliefs about ourselves, our judgments and all of our unconscious thinking and feeling patterns that we have set up to protect ourselves.

Some people would rather believe in something for sure, rather than question their own beliefs and view of the world. The conscious people leader has the courage to change, be open to possibilities, and work on removing the obstacles to his true self.

How do we do this? Nurture a quiet mind, a peaceful state of being. Challenge what you think you know for sure, and be open to the possibility of seeing things differently and most importantly get rid of judgment.

You can’t solve your problems by thinking them away, you solve them by being a certain way. Here are some tools and strategies for making awareness a priority.

  1. Start to quite the mind  - through the practice of meditation and mindfulness practices. This is the opposite of multitasking. It's reflective awareness, being quiet, journaling, walking, doing yoga, dancing, taking a shower, making music, being absorbed in something, body, mind and soul.
  2. Stop listening to the mind. - We have been fed that all our thoughts belong to us, and they don’t. We are big satellite dishes picking up other peoples thoughts and feelings thinking it all belongs to us.
  3. Be discerning about what thoughts we let enter and bringing full attention to our feelings.  All that is required is keep coming back to the moment, notice everything, our bodily reactions, our senses. Our bodies will show us our conditioning. When we react to others, be it our boss who has a deep need to know everything and micro manage, or a team member who doesn’t share information, or a stakeholder who likes to discuss his issues with you on a regular basis, we react. We react because,  we have been touched in a place of our conditioning, of our automatic habitual way of operating. If we keep coming back into the present moment, that is, making our awareness a priority, we will start to see situations more clearly, we will be more focused, expanded, spacious, conscious, we will begin to watch and observe the reactions in the body, mind, emotions and then respond, ultimately our reactions will fade. We will be a conscious people leader. Responsive, wise, and joyful. You will be different.

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